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Aillwee Burren Experience

I am writing this from a lovely seaside apartment in Lahinch, County Clare, just south of the Cliffs of Moher.

Lahinch is known for its golf links, a very nice beach, and surfing.

Today we spent a few hours at the Aillwee Burren Experience.

Barn Owl aka ‘the silent killer'

Originally known as Aillwee Cave, this Burren attraction opened in1976 as a show cave in the lunar limestone landscape.

The Farmshop followed, featuring the traditionally made Burren Gold Cheese, and in 2008 the Birds of Prey demonstration was added.

Sinead, female Harris Hawk

Adding the Aillwee Burren Experience to Your Itinerary

Plan a minumum 2 hours to enjoy both the Birds of Prey demonstration and the cave. If you book a private hawk walk (definitely a memorable experience) add another hour. I would also tack on 30 minutes in the farm shop – you'll want to sample the artisan cheeses. This is also a terrific place to grab some treats, or even some sandwiches for a Burren picnic.

Al, male Harris Hawk

Enjoy the podcast below for my chat with our falconer Gary (with visits from Sinead and Al, the Harris Hawks we were flying during our chat) as we chat about these fascinating birds of prey.

Traveling in Ireland podcast episode 201

Hawk Walk in the Burren
Jody Halsted
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