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The Burren Farm Experience | Traveling in Ireland Podcast Episode 113

If you've ever looked at the rocky Burren landscape and wondered, “How do they farm that?”, today's guest, owner of the Burren Farm Experience, has the answers!

stone fences in the Burren
Photo courtesy of the Burren Farm Experience
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There is so very much to see and do in the Burren! You can go beneath the lunar limestone into massive caves, eat incredible, locally produced, food, enjoy live traditional music, experience a boat tour beneath the Cliffs of Moher, and shop with artisan creators of perfume, metalwork, woolens, and more!
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Bronagh and Cathal, your hosts
Photo courtesy of the Burren Farm Experience

The Burren Farm Experience

Brohagh O'Rourke and her husband Cathal, a fifth-generation farmer, are your hosts at the Burren Farm Experience in County Clare.

Bronagh's tip: you don't need to wait for summer! The Burren is spectacular in the spring! (And in my favorite month of September!)

The Burren, in the far west of Ireland, is a pretty unique part of the country. The lunar limestone topography is dotted with lush grassy areas, fenced by traditional stone walls, where cattle graze.

Farming practices in the Burren are different than any other area. Cattle live out on the limestone in the winter because the rocks hold the summer heat and release it during the colder months. The cattle grazing during the winter months prepares the land for spring growth.

The O'Rourke's 500 acre farm has archaeological sites, a lake, and other historical points of interest.

Tour in the classic Range Rover
Photo courtesy of the Burren Farm Experience

Farm Tours in the Burren

Tours are terrific for groups, families or couples. They offer guided walks, food experiences, and educational programs. Experiences can be personalized for group size and interests and last an average of 3 hours.

Bronagh and Cathal consider themselves ‘custodians of the land' and not only share farm experiences but educate the visitor on farm practices and how they are working to protect the land.

Photo courtesy of the Burren Farm Experience

Glamping in the Burren

If you want to extend your time on the farm book into AgriCamping – a hybrid glamping/ hostel experience.

Bell tents provide your accommodation and the old farmhouse has your power source and kitchen.

Burren flora in front of a dolmen
Photo courtesy of the Burren Farm Experience

Book Your Burren Farm Experience

Visit the Burren Farm Experience website to book your tour or AgriCamping.

Visit on Facebook and Instagram

You'll need a car as you venture through the Burren!
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Burren ring fort
Photo courtesy of the Burren Farm Experience

3 Things You Shouldn't Miss in the Burren 

Fanore beach. Located on the main road between Doolin and Ballyvaughn (visit Monk's Restaurant).

Kinvarra. Charming small village.

Farmer's Markets. Ask if there is a market on and go!

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