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Dingle Skellig Hotel – a Lovely Stay on Dingle Bay

A quick jaunt from Killarney or Limerick, the Dingle peninsula is a terrific destination during an Ireland family vacation.  The Dingle Skellig Hotel, perched on the edge of Dingle Bay, offers spacious family rooms, a tasty breakfast buffet and is an easy 5 minute walk from the center of Dingle town.

Dingle Bay from Dingle Skellig Hotel Room
View from our room at Dingle Skellig Hotel

Staying at Dingle Skellig Hotel

The Dingle Skellig Hotel was booked as part of our vacation package with IrishTourism.com.  Arriving after an unexpectedly long drive from Kilkenny and a stop to stretch our legs at Inch Beach, we easily found the Dingle Skellig as we entered Dingle via the N86.  (If you come in over the scenic Connor Pass, turn left at the roundabout just before entering Dingle town and follow N86.)

A bit droopy after a day of driving in and out of heavy rain, we were thrilled to find sun over the peninsula and the girls had hopes of hopping into the hotel pool.  Our check in at the hotel was quick and we easily found our room. The girls changed quickly and rushed down to the pool, eager to splash out some pent up energy.  Unfortunately children are only allowed into the pool until 7pm; we had missed the opportunity.  Needless to say, the girls were a bit put out and there may have been tears.  I deposited them back to the room while I fetched the remainder of bags from the car.

After all had settled, we decided to have our dinner in the onsite Blaskets Bar.  A cheery pub atmosphere with tasty food quickly set us to rights and we headed back to our room a happier group.

Our stay at the Dingle Skellig Hotel included a sumptuous breakfast buffet in the Coastguard Restaurant.  With gorgeous views of the bay and options ranging from fresh fruits, pastries, cereals and yogurt, to the fixins for a Full Irish Breakfast, we were all able to break our fast in our own way and prepare for a full day of touring the peninsula.

Breakfast Buffet at Dingle Skellig Hotel, Dingle, Ireland
The breakfast buffet has something for everyone

Rooms at the Dingle Skellig Hotel

Our family room had a double and twin bed, with a second twin bed brought in.  With plenty of floor space, as well as a desk, table, dresser and armoire, we had more than enough room to store clothes and suitcases.  With two electrical outlets placed over the desk and a couple more behind the TV armoire, we had plenty of electricity to recharge our devices.

Family Room at Dingle Skellig Hotel, Dingle, ireland
Family room with extra bed

The bathroom was also quite large, with a ledge stretching along one wall with a wall-sized mirror stretching above it.  The girls enjoyed relaxing in the large bath tub and the shower had both great water pressure and easily controlled temperature.

Book your room at the Dingle Skellig now with Booking.com See what other travelers have to say about Dingle Skellig Hotel.

Amenities at the Dingle Skellig Hotel

The Dingle Skellig offers its guests free wifi as well as admission to their pool and leisure club.  The Fungi Kids Club is also free (though some off site activities, such as an aquarium visit, may carry a minimal charge).  The Klub Room gives teens and tweens a place to hang out and play pool, video games or have a access to the internet (set up with protections in place).  A Junior Evening Meal is also offered, allowing mom & dad the opportunity to dine alone.

Leisure Club at Dingle Skellig hotel, Dingle, Ireland
Leisure Club and pool

Just down the beach from the Dingle Skellig Hotel is Hussey's Folley.  This tower is presumed to have been erected by land agent RM Hussey to provide locals with work during the Great Famine.  Once used as a lighthouse, it now sits at the mouth of Dingle Bay and makes a nice walk in the evening.  Follow the pathways through the cow pastures, or walk along the beach as you are able.

Hussey's folley, Dingle, Ireland
Hussey's Folley stands at the mouth of Dingle Bay

With family rooms and adjoining rooms for larger families, the Dingle Skellig Hotel is a terrific option if your vacation in Ireland takes you to the Dingle Peninsula.

Ireland With Kids would like to thank IrishTourism.com for hosting us and assisting with our itinerary for a portion of our Ireland family vacation.

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