Anthony Moloney at Doolin Hostel | Traveling in Ireland Podcast Episode 8

Anthony Moloney at Doolin Hostel | Traveling in Ireland Podcast Episode 8
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Jody is flashing back to an interview she had with Anthony Moloney, owner of the wonderful Doolin Hostel. Click on the link to learn more about the Doolin Hostel.

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Jody Halsted sits down for a brief chat with Anthony Moloney, owner and operator of the Doolin Hostel.

Why visit Doolin?

  • Just 30 from the airport
  • Family-friendly atmosphere
  • Plenty of local activities

Why Anthony decided to run the Doolin Hostel:

Anthony has a long background in the hospitality industry. After working in several larger 4-5 star hotels, he and his family decided to come back to Ireland and purchase the family business.

What Doolin Hostel offers:

Big rooms for families, double bed + twin beds or bunks, in-suite bath that is clean and comfortable.

Why is Hosteling a good idea for family lodging in Ireland?

Hostel have a lot more flexibility with the rules and is a lot more affordable. They have everything you require and you're not paying for the extras that you don't need.

Other benefits of the Doolin Hostel:

  • Continental breakfast
  • Full kitchen and Café
  • Plus, Doolin Hostel can accommodate families of 4 or more at about half the cost of a hotel.

3 Questions:

  • What is the top thing to Do in Doolin?
  • What is the best type of seafood to eat in Doolin?
  • What is the best night to hear live music in Doolin?

Closing remarks:


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