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The Easiest Car Rental at Dublin Airport

Traditionally, car rental at Dublin Airport has not been the best way to begin an Ireland vacation (even if you use my tips for a smooth car rental experience).

After finding the rental desk the wait in line could be long (especially if you are waiting on someone who doesn't know about the insurance requirements) and, if your car has to be picked up off-site, you are waiting again for a shuttle.

Let me tell you how to bypass the lines and just walk straight out to your car.

Contactless Car Rental (with Inclusive Insurance) at Dublin Airport

My partner Irish Car Rentals just introduced contactless car rental at Dublin Airport.

Designed to help you start your vacation quickly – and with less hassle – the contactless car rental experience saves you time by booking online (don't forget to use my link for a 10% savings!) and includes full insurance with no deductible.

You will pick up your rental car at the airport. Bypass the rental desk and take the elevator to the rental cars (you'll be looking for the Europcar lot). You then use the app on your phone to locate and unlock the car, and the keys will be in the glove compartment. 

This is the easiest car rental experience at Dublin Airport!

Contactless Car Rental at Dublin Airport

How to Book Contactless Car Rental at Dublin Airport

  1. Visit the Irish Car Rentals website (with my link for your 10% savings).
  2. Click the large button below the booking form that says Contactless Car Rental.
  3. Review the 6 steps for booking – you'll need to have your mobile phone handy to download the app and take photos.
  4. Click the Book Online button.
  5. Make sure the pickup and return location is Dublin Airport and that the promotion code box is filled in (if it isn't be sure to use my link above!).
  6. Insert pick up and return dates, then click search.
  7. If the box for Contactless Car Rental (at the far right) isn't highlighted, click it.
  8. Select your car.
  9. Choose any extras (remember that you don't need GPS!) then continue on to driver information.
  10. Follow the steps to upload your drivers license.
  11. You're all set! Arrive at Dublin Airport, bypass the rentals desks, and be on your way.

Enjoy your Ireland vacation!

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  1. Thanks for all of the great tips… especially with car rentals! FYI (unless I’m missing something) that the contactless option is limited to small cars with manual transmission at this time.

    1. Hi Phil!
      The small cars are the most popular so that is what is being offered as this rolls out. I do know that automatic transmissions are available in a limited capacity.
      As this program progresses, I have been told more cars will be offered.

      Thanks so much for your comment!

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