Favorite Irish Recipes for Fall | Traveling in Ireland Podcast Episode 180

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Cooler weather and hearty food just go together. So when fall rolls around, the dark sets in earlier, and I crave comfort food, you'll find me turning to some of my traditional Irish favorites.

Irish Stew with Guinness and Mini Cheddar Scones
Irish Stew & Cheddar Scones

I'm a fair cook and I enjoy ‘fiddling' with recipes to create meals my family enjoys.

Irish recipes for Fall

Brown Bread
An easy soda bread made with wheat flour, bran, and germ. I also toss in old fashioned oats for a grainier texture. Add molasses for a rich flavor, or honey to sweeten.

Irish Stew with Guinness
Perfect for long, cold nights. I use beef in mine but if lamb is readily available where you live use it. I also add more Guinness than the recipe suggests. Mainly because I don't drink the black stuff- but it also adds a wonderful ‘tang' to the stew. This comes together in under an hour, but I prefer to let mine simmer for a while to enhance the flavors.

Cheddar Topped Shepherds Pie
A simple casserole to toss together. I highly recommend using an aged Irish cheddar like Dubliner. I also replaced the water in this recipe with Guinness for a richer flavor.

Irish Trilogy Cupcakes
These incredible cupcakes are time consuming to make so I don't do it often. But if you want a real treat they are worth the effort. I actually give these as gifts during the holidays (and people request them year on year!). The trilogy come from Guinness, whiskey, and Irish cream. Delicious!

Bread & Butter Pudding with Irish Whiskey Sauce
This recipe came to me from The Woolen Mills restaurant in Dublin.
I'm not a fan of raisins so I will remove them completely or replace them with chopped apricots. And I may add a bit more whiskey to the finished sauce after it is done cooking – just for a wee kick.

Links to all these recipes – and a few more – can be found at https://irelandfamilyvacations.com/recipes.

If you have a favorite Irish recipe to share please send it on to me! I would love to give it a try!

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