Is a Toll Pass Necessary in Ireland?

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There is a lot to know if you plan to rent a car in Ireland… when you need it (and when you don't), the necessary insurance, and the excess car rental fees you may encounter.

I received a terrific question from Bonnie P. which alerted me to another car rental fee you may encounter.

My husband and I are taking our first vacation to Ireland in the beginning of May this year. We are going on a 10 day self-drive tour around Ireland, and the car rental company offered us a toll pass device for €4.25/day. Do you think that’s worth it? 

In this article I share over 30 Ireland driving tips to help you safely navigate the country during your vacation. Included in that are driving laws, road information, speed limits, and a list of where you will encounter toll roads – as well as the current tolls.

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Is a Toll Pass Necessary When Renting a Car in Ireland?

I don't want to go so far as to say that this is a predatory fee, but it feels a bit like the rental companies are taking advantage of tourists who don't know where and how much the tolls in Ireland are.

There are only 12 tolling plazas in Ireland, with most found in or near Dublin.

The average toll in Ireland is €2.50 and, once you are off the large motorways, you won't encounter a toll.

While you could pay more than €4.25 as you leave Dublin, it would be highly unlikely that you would pay €29.75 in tolls during a 7-day Ireland vacation.

My advice – skip the toll pass.

How to Pay on Ireland Toll Roads

The M50 is a barrier-free digital toll (you will not stop at a toll booth), so be sure to speak to your rental company about how to handle that (some will add it to your bill, others do expect you to log on to the website and pay it). If you are responsible for paying your M50 toll it must be paid by 8pm the day following your travel and can be done online at or at a Payzone station (usually found in a petrol station).

The East Link Toll Bridge (Dublin city centre) does not accept card payment.

All other toll locations (the M1, M3, M4, M6, M7, M8, N25, Limerick Tunnel (N18), and Port Tunnel) have barriers that accept cash or contactless (tap) credit card payment.

Visit this link to view a map of toll locations in Ireland.

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