Ireland Travel Tip : Bring Home Your Whiskey Safely

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Bringing home fragile items like bottles of mead, Bulmer's or Irish Whiskey – not to mention a lovely Kerry Glass vase – has always been a bit nerve wracking for me. These items breaking could likely ruin a lovely gift or a souvenir for myself. Not to mention the mess. No one wants to see their suitcase come off the conveyor dripping with whiskey.

Vinni BagA couple years ago I bought a Vinni Bag – and now I don't travel without it.

I prefer the Vinni Bag over similar products for a couple reasons:

  • The plastic is heavy. You can tell when you pick it up that this product is going to last a while
  • It is specifically made for flying, high altitudes, and changes in air pressure.
  • You control the amount of cushion.
  • It can be used for more than wine bottles. I used it for a vase last year.
  • When not in use, it rolls up and tucks in a pocket.
  • If you're stuck in an airport you could inflate it and use it as a pillow. I may be speaking from experience…

While Vinni Bag is not the most inexpensive bag of this type on the market, this is the bag I personally use. I've never yet arrived home with a broken item.


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