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Irish Genealogy Services by Oak Ancestry | Traveling in Ireland Podcast Episode 29

Oak Ancestry

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Jody is speaking about Irish genealogy with Mary Cahill from Oak Ancestry. Oak Ancestry is 3-year-old company that helps people find their Irish Ancestry.

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What inspired Mary to learn about Irish genealogy:

After Mary finished her master’s degree in family history 6 years ago, she decided to start her website to help others. The master’s degree also gives her a background into Irish history. This knowledge also helps Mary speculate as to why people went to certain areas and helps her paint a more accurate picture into a family's story. (etc. Political upheaval, famine, cholera outbreaks, etc.)

Services at Oak Ancestry:

They offer 2 reports:
Full Report: $225 Lots of information
Brief Report: $89 little information
Citizen in Ireland Services: $89 (a grandparent that immigrated from Ireland)

For initial research, Mary can usually get information to you within 3 days. More in-depth reports take at least 1-2 weeks. Get their free assessment form here.

People are encouraged to prepare before coming to Ireland, but last-minute one-on-one assistance may be available if you need it.

Sites to help trace your Irish genealogy:

3 Places to Visit in Ireland:

Closing remarks:

To find out more, visit Oak Ancestry or call 00353-2013980. You can also email
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