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Visiting Kennedy’s Pet Farm near Killarney

Sometimes you just need a break from history.  Castles can get a bit boring after you've seen a dozen of them…  One more megalithic ruin you can't climb on is one too many…  You just want to play, climb, explore and maybe cuddle a puppy.  Kids- and adults- can do all these things just outside Killarney.

About 5 miles out from Killarney, along the N22, is Kennedy’s Animal, Bird and Pet Farm. We spent an afternoon there with the girls playing on the outdoor and indoor playgrounds, petting animals and having fun.  My family immediately felt at home here as the buildings were much the same as a working farm at home in Iowa.  Sometimes, to American eyes, if it isn't new and shiny there is something wrong with it.  Don't let first impressions affect you- this is a great stop for kids (and adults).

Kennedy’s has dozens of animals: sheep and goats, horses and deer, puppies and rabbits, all sorts of fowl from chickens to peacocks and so many more. Most are friendly and will gladly follow you around if you give them a scratch on the nose (as we found with the deer- they were our constant companions during our time at the farm).  Baby animals were everywhere- I'm still not sure how we managed to leave without smuggling out an adorable puppy!

Kennedy’s has a large outdoor play area with swings, slides and forts, a huge indoor area with a maze, sand pit, riding toys, swings and slides and a toddler play area (also indoors). There are buses that have been converted to seating areas and a few restrooms scatted throughout the property.

Although we didn’t lodge there Kennedy’s has three self catering holiday homes for weekly rental. With a view of the mountains and accessibility to the animals and playground this definitely qualified as a children’s paradise.

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