Ireland Vacation Coaching – Two 30 minute calls

Ireland Vacation Coaching – Two 30 minute calls

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Do you have a rough outline of your Ireland vacation but want to polish it up?

Let my extensive Ireland experience guide you as we work together to complete your travel plans!

In these two 30 minute calls I answer all your Ireland travel questions, helping you save hours of research and offering you honest feedback based on my 20 years of Ireland travel.

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Maybe you have a rough idea of what you will do but want to fill in gaps or get suggestions of nearby activities or attractions.

Or maybe you booked a self-drive tour that includes accommodations – but you have no idea what to see or do in these locations or while you travel from place to place.

Let my 20 years of Ireland travel experience be your guide as we create YOUR perfect Ireland itinerary!



At the end of this call you will have:

All your Ireland travel questions answered.  PLUS a recording of our call (via Zoom).

A summary of our discussion and a document with links to every recommendation I mentioned (and likely a few more).

Helpful resources for your trip including everything you need to know about car rental in Ireland, how and when to get Euros, how to use your mobile phone in Ireland, and how to navigate Irish airports (and so much more!)

Cost for a 60 minute coaching session is $150. The second coaching call will be booked after our first call has been completed and you have had the opportunity to review all the information from our first chat.
If you would like to do all 60 minutes at once just let me know- I am happy to accommodate you!

Please note: Vacation Coaching is not an itinerary creation product and does not include accommodation searches, only recommendations. Please see the Custom Itinerary Creation if you need more in-depth assistance.

After Purchasing Your Coaching Session you will be taken to the order confirmation page. Under Order Details is the link to book your phone consultation.  

Please do book your consultation as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

The link will also be in your email receipt. Please be sure to add to your safe senders list. Please check your spam folder if you don't see an email in your inbox. If you do not receive an email from me please email me directly at the above address.

Because I personally handle all travel coaching, I accept a limited number of clients per month. Be sure to book your coaching session as soon as possible.

Jody Halsted
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7 reviews for Ireland Vacation Coaching – Two 30 minute calls

  1. Christine Armao (verified owner)

    Jody was terrific! I had never been to Ireland and was overwhelmed with my Rick Steve’s book and what to do. Jody listened to my wants and made recommendations for a great itinerary in a less than an hour. And she was there for any questions along the way. Jody is a wealth of information and her help was well worth the nominal fee. If this is your first trip or your 10th but want info on a particular area, Jody is the person to go to!!!!

    • Jody Halsted

      Thanks so much for the praise, Christine! It was absolutely my pleasure to offer advice for your Ireland vacation. I am delighted that you had such a good time!

  2. Julie Subrin (verified owner)

    My teen daughter and I were halfway towards planning a fairly non-traditional trip to Ireland and Northern Ireland, but had some gaping holes in our itinerary, and lots of questions about the feasibility of our plans. Jody was a huge help in getting us over the finish line, and gave us a bunch of excellent suggestions we never would have come up with on our own. I was so grateful for her expertise, and for her openness in helping us plan the trip we wanted, even if it didn’t look like the trip most folks go for!

    • Jody Halsted

      Thank you for taking the time to leave a review, Julie! I loved helping you plan a trip that hit YOUR high points and am so happy to hear that you enjoyed your trim in Ireland!

  3. Jackie

    Jody was such a huge help with the planning of our family 8 day vacation in Ireland. Originally, I planned out the schedule with our family trying to cover most of Ireland. But I was starting to fill overwhelmed with the scheduling and worrying if we would be doing to much. I saw on a Facebook Ireland group Jody’s information and decided to buy two 30 minute sessions to see what she thought of our itinerary. She gave me the best advice ever – to concentrate on either the south or the north but not both in our one week. We would not be able to enjoy it if we tried to do it all in one week she said. Therefore after hearing this we redid our itinerary with the help of Jody and did the Northern area. We had such a wonderful time and realized right away how right Jody was about trying to do to much!! She even pointed out some additional places (ex. Slieve League cliffs) that we might want to put on our schedule of which we loved! She emailed us before we left to see if we were ready to go and emailed when we got back to see how everything went. Thank you to Jody for all the advice and tips! We had a wonderful time in Ireland!

    • Jody Halsted

      I am so happy to hear that you had such a great trip and that you didn’t regret my advice of covering less ground & experiencing more! Thank you so much for your kind words and taking the time to leave a review!

  4. Michael Murphy

    I was planning a trip for my family of eight, plus our future son-in-law, and I stumbled on Jody while I was looking for a chauffer service, so I reached out just to ask a few questions. Five or six sessions over a few months and we were set to go. Jody is very knowledgeable, yet very humble in her delivery. She’s also not afraid to make recommendations (we had a travel company help plan our itinerary, and she helped us make some great adjustments). I can’t express how helpful she was in the planning and execution of our trip. Don’t hesitate to reach out to her.

    • Jody Halsted

      Thank you, Michael. It was an absolute delight to help you plan a memorable Ireland vacation – and I was thrilled to hear that it was a trip to remember!

  5. Erin Martin

    I am autistic and do not speak on the phone. I didn’t think I would be able to find anyone who would help me when I have that limitation. When I explained this to Jody she was incredibly kind and offered to work with me through email. I know that must have been a challenge and I’m so thankful she was willing to do it. She not only answered all of the questions I had but also arranged for a taxi service to take me to all of my destinations, making sure they could communicate with me through a chat app. I will definitely recommend her services to everyone I know who wants to plan a trip to Ireland! My trip was so much more stress-free with her help and guidance.

    • Jody Halsted

      I was honored to help you make your trip as stress-free as possible. Thank you for letting me play a small part in your Ireland vacation.

  6. Tracy Clayton

    I was planning a 5-day self-driving vacation in Ireland to celebrate our daughter’s 25th birthday and had a very ambitious itinerary of almost the entire island of Ireland mapped out when I happened upon Jody’s website. After reading many of her sample itineraries and reviews of various locations, I decided to book an hour of her time to get her thoughts. She graciously reviewed my itinerary in advance of our scheduled call and made some immediate suggestions regarding time-sensitive reservations for attractions and hotels. During our call she took a great deal of time to understand how we prefer to travel (slow and steady, moving around, etc.) and then helped pare down the itinerary from an impossible jaunt where we’d be whizzing by sites without any real time to explore them to a much more manageable, but still aggressive, itinerary that could be easily modified as we traveled.

    We returned from our trip this past Saturday (August 27), and our trip could have not been more successful or memorable, and the bulk of that credit goes to Jody’s planning assistance. Every tip she gave was spot-on, and we were able to see several things we likely would have skipped or not known about if not for her guidance and suggestions.

    Her coaching service is highly recommended and worth every penny of the cost. If you find her website information helpful, you will be blown away at the additional information gained from a coaching call. We were so impressed that we are hopeful we can join one of her guided tours soon where we will really see the best way to visit Ireland with an experienced guide!

    Tracy Clayton

    • Jody Halsted

      Tracy – I could not be more delighted to have helped your family make wonderful memories in Ireland.
      Thank you so much for such wonderful praise. This made my day.

  7. Lynn montoya (verified owner)

    I decided to sign up for Jody’s two 30 minute coaching sessions, as I was feeling overwhelmed. Knowing absolutely nothing about Ireland, doing research on my own and getting input from friends and family was helpful, but I needed more direction. Jody gave me the direction I needed. She had great advise and was extremely knowledgeable. Having the two sessions was extremely helpful to further tailor the trip to mine and my travel partner’s needs. Jody was extremely professional. She responded quickly to my emails, answering all of the follow up questions that I had. It was money well spent, and I will gladly use her services or take one of her tours in the future! My trip to Ireland was wonderful!

    • Jody Halsted

      Thank you, Lynn, for the lovely review. I was delighted to help you plan your trip and am thrilled to hear that you had a terrific trip!

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