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Driving the Sky Road in Clifden, Connemara

View from the Sky Road in Clifden, Connemara, County Galway. Ireland travel tips. IrelandFamilyVacations.com
Driving the Sky Road in Clifden, Connemara, County Galway, for the first time is breathtakingly beautiful and heart-stopping-ly terrifying at the same time. The narrow road, the wild scenery and the cliff top views are incredible to describe with mere words.

Few drives in Ireland are as breath-taking as the Sky Road in Clifden.

We experienced this first hand as we made our way to Ocean Villa B&B, our first lodging in Clifden.  We were unprepared for the feeling that we could easily drop over the edge of the road- or the thrill that accompanied the views from the edge of Ireland.

Enjoy the video below of driving the Sky Road.

YouTube video

Nearby Clifden is considered the “Capital of Connemara“.  For an in-town stay, I recommend Kingstown House B&B.  Near to pubs, restaurants & shops, it's a lovely place for families.

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  1. Lovely!!!.. I’m considering touring the Sky Road by bicycle on my next trip… do you think that would be a good idea?.. I’m thinking about safety, the road is so narrow… also, any special bike rules I should know?..

    1. Hi Leslie! I’ve encountered loads of cyclists along the Sky Road- and in Connemara in general. You definitely want to wear your safety gear- bright yellow vest, helmet, etc. and be very aware of vehicles.
      The good thing about Ireland is that locals are very used to cyclists and walkers- it’s the tourists you have to watch for.
      My friend Satu rode the Wild Atlantic Way in 2014- and I’m pretty sure she did the Sky Road loop. She has this bit on how to survive the WAW on bikes – and many of the comments are really great. You can also email her directly- I know she would be happy to answer questions. satu AT todestinationunknown.com

  2. We took the sky road on a day tour from Galway around to Kylemore Abbey….on a very large tour bus! That made it even more exciting lol.

    1. capturinglavita Thank you!  The music is from a band called Freewheel – Freewheelmusic.com.  We saw them play in Clifden.

    1. Thanks TravelMamas ! Freewheel is a band we saw in Clifden.  Great guys with a terrific stage presence!

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