Tipping in Ireland | Traveling in Ireland Podcast Episode 166

I've stayed in my share of castles, but tonight is my first time in a palace.

I'm at Cashel Palace and my Garden View Suite has an incredible view of the Rock of Cashel.

Rock of Cashel, Ireland
Rock of Cashel view from gardens of Cashel Palace

Before I tell you about this amazing property, let me share a great question from Michael O'Connor.

How do you tip for food and drink in Ireland? Is it similar to the continent? I remember generously tipping at a restaurant in Paris years ago and the waiter just shook his head like my wife and I were a couple of rubes. Also, do you use cash for tips or credit card or not at all?

Tipping in Ireland

Tipping in Ireland (and the rest of Europe) just isn't the same as it is in the US. Which is a relief.

That's not to say that tipping doesn't happen – it definitely does. But it's not the expectation.

When you order a drink for the bar a tip isn't expected. If you pay in cash you can leave the change, or if you buy a few drinks drop a couple Euro at the final round.

For table service of drinks leave a few Euro on the table when you go.

If you are dining a 10% gratuity is fine. It will likely be split among all the staff that assisted with your meal.

I recommend tipping in cash as it is immediate. Depending on the establishment it may take a few days for credit card tips to be given to the staff.

Cashel Palace

Built in 1732 this Palladian Manor was the home of Church of Ireland Archbishops and other clergy for over 200 years.

Cashel Palace Hotel, Ireland
Cashel Palace at night
Cashel Palace and garden, Ireland
Cashel Palace viewed across the gardens
Garden Suite Sitting Room at Cashel Palace, Ireland
Sitting room of Garden View Suite at Cashel Palace
soaking tub, Cashel Palace Hotel, Ireland
Soaking tub at Cashel Palace

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