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Travel Tips, Using IFV site and Vacation Coaching | Traveling in Ireland Podcast
Vacation Coaching

Recorded: Sunday, April 3, 2016

Ireland Vacation Coaching is a service that Jody provides to people who need assistance with planning their own Ireland Family Vacation. In this podcast, you will find out what vacation coaching is as Jody coaches Deb Thompson on her own upcoming trip to Ireland. Jody will also share some great travel tips; plus learn best practices when using the IFV site.


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Jody and Deb are here to show people what to expect when using Jody's Vacation Coaching service.

What is vacation coaching?

Vacation coaching begins with an understanding of the overall goals for the trip. From there Jody works with the travelers to design a trip based on their own interests, wants & Ireland dreams.

Vacation Coaching: The Preview Call

Deb goes over with Jody how long she will be in Ireland and what her preferences are for areas and activities (rural, urban, history, culture, etc) Depending on what your preferences are, Jody suggests possible places to visit and even suggests best practices for setting your itinerary based on available transportation and how busy or heavy with tourists attractions are. Jody also reviews lodging based on Deb's preferences.

  • Tip: If getting euros from a US bank, ask for small denominations.
  • Tip: Exchange rates at airport kiosks and city exchange storefronts are really high.
  • Tip: Discover Card is not accepted in Ireland. And not many take American Express. So use Visa and MasterCard. Personal wifi to keep you connected without breaking your budget. These are great for navigation.

  • Tip: Don't forget an adapter for your plugs. Bring a power strip and buy one adapter. That way you just need to plug the power strip into the adapter and you don't have to buy multiple adaptors.

What comes after the Preview Call:

Based on the information she gathers, Jody will create a loose itinerary. These usually include, transportation information, recommendations of places to go, places to eat and activites that will interest you. She asks that you go through the itinerary, add your personal thoughts, and send them back to her. Jody will work with you until the itinerary is perfect based on your preferences. Once the itinerary is perfect, Jody adds in detailed information such as maps, links, alternative activities if the weather is bad. etc.

How to use Ireland Family Vacations website:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Start your journey here for an interactive map of Ireland.
  3. Then, click on the county in Ireland you wish.

Each county will give you recommendations on lodging, activities, food, etc.

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