Ireland Family Vacation Podcast Introduction

Recorded: Tuesday, January 19, 2016 7 pm CSTicon

In this episode, Jody introduces herself and gives the listeners a brief overview of the history, purpose and the many useful features available on the Ireland Family Vacations website.

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Jody greets listeners and explains her format for doing the podcasts. Jody prefers to have chats and live interaction with not only her guest speakers, but her listeners as well. That is why her podcasts are recorded LIVE on Blab.

About Jody and how Ireland Family Vacations website began:

  • About Jody: My love of Ireland began in 2002. I traveled through Ireland alone and found beautiful places and friendly people. In 2005, I came back to Ireland for the first time with my family. I was thrilled to find that Ireland had so many wonderful family-friendly attractions.

How IFV website began:

  • On my other website, Family Ramblings, I noticed that the blog posts about Ireland were getting the most traction. In order to cater to the interests of my audience, I created the Ireland Family Vacations website.

Features of the Ireland Family Vacations website:

More about the Vacation Coaching Service

  • This service came from the fact that people were contacting me for advice on where to go with children and the requests to help plan people's Ireland vacations.
    • Vacation Coaching Service is a paid service
    • With this service you receive custom planned itenerary for each person/family
    • I will work with you as long as you need it.

More About Jody Halsted

  • I'm not an Irish native
  • I have visited Ireland annually since 2005
  • I have experience with well known and lesser well known tourist attractions in Ireland
  • My knowledge base is family travel

The birth of this podcast

  • I love to talk with people and share their stories from Ireland

What to expect in my podcasts:

  • interviews with people I have met or will meet
  • people that live there
  • people that have businesses there
  • people that can help you and provide even more information than myself

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Travel Tips and What else you will find in Ireland Family Vacations

  • At Ireland Family Vacation you will find an entire section devoted to Ireland travel planning. However, the best advice I can give you is this:
    • Ireland is small, but you cant see everything in a few days.
    • Tip: I recommend taking your time so you don;t feel rushed.
    • Tip: Focus on the things that are MUST sees and create an itenerary based on a few attraction near where those must sees are. decide what you want to see and plan your trip around one or two main sites.

Closing remarks before QA section

Listener QA

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Final Closing Remarks and Next Blab Promo

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    1. Thanks so much Liam! It’s been a bit of a rough beginning, but I think it’s getting better! Would love to have you as a featured guest on an episode!