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Ireland Travel Tips & FAQs

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When is the best time to visit Ireland?

I've visited Ireland in every season and can honestly say that there is no bad time to vacation in Ireland!

Much of this decision depends on your vacation budget, what you wish to see and do, and when you can get away.

For the best bargain, visit in the low season- November thru early March.  Days are shorter and some attractions may be closed.  This is an ideal time to visit Dublin and other Irish cities.

Is money no object?  Visit during high season- late May thru August.

For great deals when most attractions are open plan for the fall shoulder season- late September and October.

For more tips on when to visit Ireland:

When is The Best Time to Visit Ireland

How Long Should My Ireland Vacation Last?

Cool Facts about Ireland Winter Vacations

Visiting Ireland in January- What You Can Really Expect

Reader Question: When is the Best Time to Visit Irish Gardens?

I reached out to 3 estates known for their fabulous gardens for the answer to this great question! Click here to read more…

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Sunrise Thick Clouds over Ireland
Sunrise over clouds as my flight approaches Ireland

Ireland Travel- Tips for Flights & Airfare

Here are some tips to help you find the best airfare to Ireland.

Reader Question: On traveling to Ireland, do you suggest purchasing a package? Or should I take direct flights?

This is really a great question, and one that I know many people have. So which should you do?

It depends.  Not helpful, I know. So let me go into further details. How to Decode Ireland Vacation Packages…

Handy Airport Tips

Dublin Airport- Tips for Arrival and Departure
Shannon Airport- Tips for Arrival and Departure

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Money Tips – Best Exchange Rates, Budgeting & VAT

Handy Money Tips for Your Ireland Vacation

Plan a simple vacation budget
Should you buy travel insurance for an Ireland vacation?
How NOT to Lose Money if You Have to Cancel Your Vacation
How & When to get Euros
The OPW Heritage Card is the best value for visitors who want to visit Ireland's historic sites
Money Saving Tips for Your Ireland Vacation
All about the VAT- Value Added Tax- and how to get your refund
Best Ireland souvenirs for everyone in your family

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O'Brien's Tower atop the Cliffs of Moher. Ireland travel tips

Ireland Travel Planning & Itineraries

Planning a multigenerational trip to Ireland? These tips will help you with everything from transportation and accommodations to itinerary planning.

Everyone knows that Disney is in the business of creating magical vacation experiences. But is a Disney Ireland vacation right for your family? Read my side-by-side comparison of Adventures by Disney Ireland Family Vacation and a Copycat Ireland Family Vacation to help you decide.

Here's how to create an itinerary that won't ruin your Ireland Vacation.
As well as my own recommendation for a first Ireland vacation itinerary.

When it comes to making plans, here's what must be booked in advance and what can be left to chance.

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Packing for an Ireland Vacation

Wondering what to take?  How many pair of shoes should you pack? Wondering what clothes to pack for Ireland's often changing weather? Or maybe you just want advice on a raincoat.

And take a look at the gadgets you need (or don't need) during your vacation.

Use this What to Pack for Ireland Travel Checklist to be sure you have everything before you go!

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Welcome to Ashford Castle. Cong, County Mayo, Ireland.

Ireland Lodging & Accommodations

Should you choose a B&B, hotel or self catering cottage? Not sure where you should stay?  Check out this quick guide to accommodations in Ireland.

Reader Question: Are there B&Bs that can accommodate a family of 4 in one room?

Yes, you'll find many bed & breakfasts in Ireland with rooms that can accommodate a family of 4.  What you want to ask for is a ‘family room'.  These rooms are usually a bit larger to accommodate a double bed and one or two twin beds. Read more….

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WifiCandy.ie in Temple Bar

Staying Connected in Ireland

Will your phone work in Ireland? How to use your mobile phone in Ireland – and not come home to an outrageous bill.

Reader Question: We will be traveling across Ireland for 10 days, beginning in Dublin and ending in Shannon. Our route is mostly set, and I know that the B&Bs we are staying in advertise wifi. How is the wifi in Ireland? Do I need my own plan? And will I find wifi anywhere else?

Staying connected in Ireland is important- whether you just want to keep in touch with family and friends or share your amazing trip across your favorite social accounts. I’m happy to report that wifi in Ireland is quite good in hotels & B&Bs across the country. In addition to your lodging you’ll find complimentary wifi in many cafés, pubs, and tourist attractions. For many travelers this is more than enough connectivity. If you want to be connected more than that, you have a couple of options. Read more…

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car at Durrow Viaduct, County Waterford, Ireland

Transportation in Ireland

Wondering which car rental provider is best for you? What's a CDW and do you need it? And just how hard is it to drive on the left? Get all the answers: Everything You Need to Know About Car Rental in Ireland

Over 70? You CAN rent a car in Ireland. Get all the facts and learn the senior driver policies for each car rental company in Ireland.

Picking up your car at Dublin Airport? These tips will help you pick up your vehicle and get you on the road fast.

Tips for driving in Ireland without GPS and the best road map for your Ireland vacation.

Concerned about driving on the ‘wrong' side of the road or navigating roundabouts? 30+ tips to help you drive safely in Ireland.

Interested in hiring a private driver guide for your entire trip – or even a day or two? You'll find everything you need to know – including average costs, tipping, and the drivers I have fully vetted and recommend – right here: Hiring a Driver in Ireland. You can even request an estimate for your trip.

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Boxty Platter at the Boxty House, Temple Bar, Dublin

Eating in Ireland

You can find any type of food you desire in Ireland. But just because you see a McDonald's doesn't mean you should eat there. (Go for the local favorite- Supermac's!)

Ireland has a rich culture of locally sourced food, and the flavors are incredible! Here is your guide to eating (very well) in Ireland.

Are you traveling with someone who has food sensitivities or allergies? You'll find it's easy to eat in Ireland (podcast)!

Reader Question: we are a little nervous about the food, and making sure we can find things the kids like. They are finicky eaters as it is — never mind throwing foreign fare into the mix!!

Oh, Irish food! There is so much to love! But I can understand the worry- especially if you are traveling with picky eaters! Read more….

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