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The Best Raincoat for an Ireland Vacation

Reader Question: I'm going to Republic of Ireland in the fall.  What kind of raincoat should I bring? What do the Irish wear?

What a fabulous question! As I mentioned in my ‘What to Wear in Ireland‘ article, Ireland's weather can be a bit tricky – and that is definitely the case in fall! The months of September and October can vary from incredibly warm to cold and wet.

The Best Raincoat for an Ireland Vacation has 3 Features

When shopping for a raincoat for your Ireland vacation be sure it has these 3 things

  • A hood – you'll find that an umbrella won't keep you dry (especially outside of the city) and holding it just gets in the way.
  • Pockets that close – open pockets can make it difficult to keep whatever you put into them dry.
  • Easy to wear (or not) – some raincoats just aren't that comfortable to wear, they don't breathe and you feel very much like you're in a sauna. Or they are difficult to pack into a day bag and add a lot of extra bulk.

Here's a great example (of what not to wear)…
Not dry under the umbrella, no hood, and while the pockets did close, they weren't really functional.
At least the water repellant fabric kept me dry.

When it comes to Irish weather, I'm a firm believer in layers, no matter the season.

Wondering what to wear in Ireland?
Here's a month-by-month guide PLUS the 15 piece packing list!

I, personally, love SCOTTeVEST jackets for Ireland travel.

The Pack-It Jacket, available for both men and women, is really a nice option in great colors and at a terrific price point. While the Pack-It Jacket isn't specifically a raincoat, it is made with a water and wind resistant poly material with a nano treatment, so it sheds water well. It's not a thick jacket, so it is versatile for spring through summer and into fall and you can layer under it easily without feeling extra bulky. For warmth I add a Merino Blend Long Sleeve shirt as a base or mid-layer as it is so thin and very warm.

The ‘hide-away' hood, multiple useful pockets, and the fact that it packs into itself makes it easy to keep on hand.

Pack-It Jacket by SCOTTeVEST. Raincoat for Ireland. Ireland travel tips | Ireland vacation | IrelandFamilyVacations.com

My new favorite SCOTTeVEST jacket for women is the Rhonda Trench Coat. Not too heavy, but not too light, this jacket is perfect for layering, and the hood tucks away when you don't need it. It also has 20 pockets, so it carries everything I need.
Though the fabric isn't waterproof, it is water repellent and kept me nice and dry.

SCOTTeVEST Penny Coat (left) and Rhonda Trench Coat(right)

For men the Revolution 2.0 Jacket is perfect when you need something a bit warmer than the Pack-It. Water repellant fabric, a detachable hood, and 25 pockets make this one of my husband's favorites.

If you're after something waterproof I find great deals in the Columbia Sportswear Outlet. You might be sporting last season's jacket, but I've been very happy with the quality – and the prices.

As for the second part of the question – ‘what do the Irish wear'? I was looking through my Instagram feed not long after this question came in and saw the image below, which I think answers the question perfectly!

Raincoat for Ireland vacation - what the Irish wear by @magnumlady on Instagram
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