Ireland Rental Car Insurance: What is CDW Coverage and Why Do I Need It?

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I answer many questions about travel in Ireland, but the most popular topic- by far- concerns driving in Ireland.  One of the most common questions I receive is about Ireland rental car insurance, particularly CDW coverage (Collision Damage Waiver).

car at Durrow Viaduct, County Waterford, Ireland
Follow the road less traveled- you never know what you might discover!

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Ireland Rental Car Insurance and CDW Coverage

While you can opt out of the CDW coverage in some countries, it is a mandatory insurance in Ireland.  And while many credit cards offer CDW coverage if you use them to pay for the rental, a slightly deeper search shows that most do not cover rentals in Ireland.

Corkscrew Hill, a wonderful ride on the N67. Ireland travel tips | Ireland vacation |
Ireland's narrow, winding roads and stone walls are one reason most credit cards don't include Ireland rental car insurance and CDW coverage.

So, what is CDW coverage and why do you have to have it?

Put very simply, CDW coverage limits your liability for material damage to the vehicle.
Option 1:
Opt for the basic CDW included in your rental agreement. Based on the type of car you rent, you will be covered up to a certain limit (usually over €3,000 per car, with increases per car size). If there is damage to the car you will be responsible for any amount exceeding the covered limit.
Option 2:
Opt for CDW w/ Excess (also called CDW Excess, CDI Excess, Super CDW, Super Damage Waiver). This insurance upgrade is available at a per-day date (normally from €18-25). This option reduces your liability to €100 or even zero. If there is damage to your car you will not be responsible beyond the deductible.

The option you choose is up to you. However, if you do not take the Excess (option 2) your rental company will require a credit card deposit equal to your coverage amount (option 1).

This is still a little confusing, so I'll break it down a bit more:  You cannot rent a car in Ireland without purchasing insurance in some way.  Insurance is paid for when you pick up the car in many cases, so be sure to have room on your credit or debit card for this fee.  If you opt for basic CDW (option 1) a “hold” will be placed on your card equal to the coverage amount you choose (Usually $3000 or more).

CDW coverage can easily double your car rental fees so it pays to do your homework.

I prefer to rent with Irish Car Rentals.  Their rental rates are very competitive and Super Damage Waiver (CDW Excess) can be added when you book online – no cash out of hand when you pick up the car and you are paying in your local currency, so no conversion fees.

I also compare costs with Auto Europe which will also allow you to add Super CDW when you reserve your vehicle.

Lighthouse at Sheeps Head Peninsula. Things to do in County Cork
There are many places in Ireland you can't get to by bus, like this spot on Sheeps Head Peninsula.

Tips for Renting a Car in Ireland:

  • Research the cars in the class you are renting- know what you can expect.  Rent the smallest car you can comfortably use. – and don't forget about your luggage.
  • Don't assume the best deal by the price- look at what is included and not included, in the price. Compare apples to apples.
  • Pay in your local currency if possible, to avoid currency exchange fees.
  • Rent from an Irish company- their rates are usually better and more inclusive.
  • Do a walk around of the car before driving away.  (Also take time-stamped photos when you pick up and drop off the car- just in case you get a repair billing you don't agree with.)

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  1. I agree. I took vacation in 2016. Picked up car in Dublin. less than 15 minutes later I had hit a curb and blew out the tire and dented the rim. Thankfully I had chosen the CDW . Called the rental company, They said if I could have tire replaced they would refund the money back to me. Cost around 150 Euros and got credit back the day I returned the car. Being from U.S and first time driving a right hand car on the left hand side of road it was a challenge. I don’t know how the side view mirror stayed on the car after hitting the hedge rows so often.

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    Remember, you will be tired coming off the plane and you think you will have your wits about you, but you won’t, and they are good at their job. Take your time. Do not get pressured. Shop around at the airport and look for competative rates. You are still going to get stung, but it won’t hurt as much if you get even a lightly better rate. In our experience most will negotiate especially on the cdw.

      Thanks for sharing, Brian! I’m impressed with your tenacity at finding the best rate!
      That said, I stood in line this June for over 90 minutes- just to get a car I had reserved at Dublin airport! So I would caution against this during high season.
      Also to note- there was a lady in front of me that stood in line for as long as I did, only to be turned away because there were no excess cars that day. She didn’t have a reservation and had to shift her plans to leave until the next day.

      im having a hard time getting this answered. if I buy the insurance, will they still put some ungodly hold on my credit card? I have now problem buying insurance. I have a huge problem with $3000 tied up on my credit card while im trying to be on vacation.

        Hi Anthony. If you purchase the excess insurance there will be NO HOLD on your credit card. 😉

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