It’s Easy to Eat in Ireland When You Have Food Allergies | Traveling in Ireland Podcast Episode 52

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a pub meal at Kilshanny House, County Clare, Ireland

Trying new foods is one of the best (and tastiest!) ways to learn about a culture when traveling. But when traveling with food sensitivities and allergies those tasty bites can turn dangerous. Thankfully it is easy to eat in Ireland with food allergies! In today's podcast Jody shares her tips on eating in Ireland when you have food allergies.
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Where to Eat in Ireland With Food Allergies

(00:41) Introduction

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(1:30) How to Eat in Ireland with Food Allergies

Episode 11: Gluten Free in Ireland

Ireland has been listing allergen information on prepackaged foods since 2005.

In 2014 allergen information was added to restaurant menus. Menus are usually quite easy to read, as shown below.

Allergen notations on menu
Allergen guide on restaurant menu

Some menus will note gluten, vegetarian, and vegan on their menu with an additional notation that an allergen guide is available upon request.

Some allergens noted with notation to request allergen guide

(5:06) Food in Ireland is Fresh & Local

It's easy to forget that, as an island nation, Ireland has been practicing ‘farm to table' as a way of life. It's likely that everything you eat has come from no more than 20 miles down the road. This is incredibly beneficial when looking for places to eat in Ireland with food allergies as chefs, pub owners, and even waitstaff will be able to answer all your questions about each menu item- often down to where it came from and how it was grown!

(7:15) Tips for Eating in Ireland with Food Allergies

  1. Most menus will have some sort of allergen notation.
  2. If you don't see allergen information listed ask your server if an allergen guide is available.
  3. Remember than many smaller restaurants and pubs change their menu daily based on what is fresh & local. Because most meals are made to order they can be altered to suit dietary needs- just ask!
  4. Ireland is a friendly place and people are happy to help. When in doubt about a meal or ingredient just ask!

(8:46) Picky Eaters

They won't go hungry! You'll find plenty of favorites- from the humble french fry (chips on Irish menus) to chicken strips (gujons), hamburgers, and pasta. But do encourage them to try new things! Who knows what they might like!

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(11:12) Three Fabulous Places to Eat in Ireland

Murphy's Ice Cream – I am guilty of visiting Murphy's at least once a day when it is available. This local chain began in Dingle and can now be found in Dublin, Kilkenny, Killarney, and Galway. I adore the Carmelized Brown Bread and the Caramel Honeycomb. But do try a few flavors before making your own choice. They also make sorbets.

Sticky Toffee Pudding Special at Murphy's Ice Cream in Dingle
Sticky Toffee Pudding Special at Murphy's Ice Cream in Dingle

Avoca Shops – I have never had a bad meal from Avoca. Each Avoca store has a different dining experience. You may find a casual cafe, a deli, or a gourmet eatery. And the foodmarkets in Avoca are perfect for grabbing tasty bits of artisan foods like scones, jams, tea and coffee, and plenty of locally sourced items. You will find Avoca shops in the counties of Dublin (4 locations), Wicklow (4 locations including the original in Avoca village), Galway (1 location), Kerry (1 location), Meath (1 location), and Antrim (1 location).

Meal from Avoca Foodhall at Powerscourt Gardens
Meal from Avoca Foodhall at Powerscourt Gardens

Burren Food Trail – The rocky and seemingly barren Burren area in County Clare  produces some of the most incredible food imaginable. Taste the Burren events take place throughout the growing season (May-October) and more than two dozen local eateries and food producers participate in the program. My favorite spot to eat and spend a few hours in the Burren is Kilshanny House. Mary makes everything on order. Except the bread, which Aidan bakes each morning.  Why not stay a few days in the Burren.

Dining at Kilshanny House, County Clare.
A delicious meal at Kilshanny House, County Clare

(18:23) Final Thoughts

If you have any questions on eating in Ireland, or on Ireland travel in general, please comment below or email [email protected] – I reply to all messages! 

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