Ireland Travel Question: B&B Accommodations for Families

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Ireland Family Vacations reader question:

Old Bank B&B Bruff, County Limerick, Ireland. B&B accommodations for families in Ireland. Ireland travel tips | IrelandFamilyVacations.comAre there B&Bs that can accommodate a family of 4 in one room?


Yes, you'll find many B&B accommodations for families with rooms spacious enough for a family of 4 in Ireland.  What you want to look for is a ‘family room'.  These rooms are usually a bit larger to accommodate a double bed and one or two twin beds.

You can easily search  B&Bs in Ireland for family rooms.  First search for B&Bs in the area you wish to stay.  Include as much information as you have in the search- including number of adults and children and how many rooms you want.  You will be able to more thoroughly research the B&Bs that fit your criteria and can even contact the owners directly with questions with the ‘contact info' button near the bottom of the page.

Tip: When booking B&B accommodations for families be sure to ask if there is a discounted rate for children under 12.

Recommendations:  You don’t mention where you will be visiting; we have stayed at – and enjoyed-  The Old Bank in Bruff, County Limerick (pictured at right- this B&B also features connecting rooms!); Ardmore House in Kinnitty, County Offaly,  Harbour Inn in Larne, County Antrim, and Woodview Farmhouse in Skerries, County Dublin.

For reviews of these and other recommended lodgings, use our handy Ireland Family Vacation planning tools.

Just a reminder:  In Ireland the B&Bs charge per person, sharing.  So you'll pay the same rate (or nearly so) whether you have one room or two.  So if the kids are a bit older let them have their own space!

Do you have a question about Ireland travel?  View the Ireland Travel FAQs page or email your question to IrelandCoach(at)IrelandFamilyVacations(dot)com.  I will reply directly to you as well as add your question to this page- because if you need an answer, it’s likely someone else does, too!

Jody Halsted
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  1. Hello Jody
    Excited to find your site-and then to see you are from Iowa! Husband and I are both from the Cedar Rapids area and live in St Louis now (so if I can help you with MO-let me know!)
    We are in the early stages of planning our trip to Ireland. Looking at May 16-29-but are flexible. Would like to become a “local” while there! Have been researching the Farm Stay Holidays-so exciting being a farm girl! Our two college children will be traveling with us-they spend every summer on the farms in Iowa-so they have it in their blood as well!
    Would like to travel, kayak, horseback ride, fly fish and a couple of pubs with music. Would love to fly into Shannon-but more expensive than Dublin??
    Thinking of renting a car-and using the bus in Dublin.
    Any suggestions?
    Thank you

      Hi Sharon, and thank you for your note. We have spent quite a bit of time in St. Louis and other parts of Missouri – we adore all the free family activities to be found!

      It’s great to have flexible dates, especially this far out. I would recommend watching price predictors online – I personally use and set up fare alerts. Just put in your beginning and ending city, find flights, and then, from the flights page you can request price alerts from the top left corner. Do this for both Dublin and Shannon.
      I checked the prices today and they are both running very similar, with Dublin being about $50 less.

      Also consider multi-city flights- into Shannon and out of Dublin, or vice versa; if you plan to spend any time in Dublin you might as well fly in/ out of the capital city. Right now a multi-city ticket from St. Louis to Shannon, then Dublin to St Louis is about the same price as RT to/ from Shannon.

      Go ahead & check various dates, but the rates don’t look too terrible right now. Remember that if your dates move closer to summer moths the price will likely go up.

      Before you decide where you want to stay, decide what you really “must” see. Do you want to spend the entire 2 weeks on a farm, or do you want to split things up a bit? A week on a farm & a week in a self-catering holiday home?

      For fly-fishing you definitely want to be in western Ireland, you can kayak many places, horseback riding is lovely in Connemara or Ballyhoura, and once you decide where you will be the pubs will be easy to find.

      Definitely rent a car- it’s the best way to see the real Ireland. I prefer Dan Dooley.

      And leave the car on the outskirts of Dublin and use the public transport.

      I hope that helped!

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