2023 Ireland Travel Tips | Traveling in Ireland Podcast Episode 144

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If you're planning to visit Ireland in 2023 you need these Ireland travel tips before you begin booking!

For everyone new to the podcast I want to take a minute to introduce myself.

My name is Jody Halsted and I am an author, publisher, Ireland vacation coach, tour coordinator, and (obviously) your host on the Traveling in Ireland podcast.

That is a lot! But Ireland is my passion; and my goal -100% – is to help people have an amazing Ireland vacation. And I have quite a few ways to help you.

My website, Ireland Family Vacations, is a complete resource for Ireland vacation planning – filled with information on what to do & see as well as handy tips for planning your trip and free itineraries to get your plans in motion quickly.

My vacation coaching services and custom itinerary creation help you maximize your Ireland experience, and my small group guided tours are designed to not only deliver the Ireland you've been dreaming of, but introduce you to the people and hidden places that make the country so very special.

And the My Ireland Vacation Planner & Journal walks you step-by-step through your Ireland vacation planning process.

On a more personal note, I have 2 teenage daughters who have been traveling through Ireland with me since before they could toddle, one very understanding husband (who loves it when I plan other people's vacations because it means I'm not planning my own), and one large, very fluffy, dog who prefers we stay in the US and travel by RV so she can come along.

By Aoife for Flytographer; Dublin, Ireland. Ireland travel tips | Ireland vacation | IrelandFamilyVacations.com
My family at Malahide Castle.. By Aoife for Flytographer; Dublin, Ireland. All rights reserved.

Now that you know all about me, let's jump into what you need to know as you consider planning an Ireland vacation in 2023!

2023 Ireland Travel Tips You Need

2023 Ireland travel tips

Ireland Travel Rules & Regulations

There are currently no health restrictions in place on travel to or from Ireland. But we all know how quickly that can change. Bookmark these sites for trave updates:

  • current rules for traveling to Ireland are here
  • current rules for returning to the US after international travel are here
  • current rules for Canadians returning home can be found here

In Case of Cancellation

Read and understand cancellation policies before booking.
I highly recommend purchasing travel insurance if you book tickets our tours that don't allow 100% refund if cancelled.

2023 Will Be a Busy Year for Tourism

Globus travel is reporting that the company's Ireland bookings are already at 93% of 2022 numbers. 2022 was hectic in Ireland as the tourism sector struggled to rebuild after 2 years of closures. While many of the problems of last year should be fixed, some businesses will still experience staffing shortages in 2023.

Sunrise Thick Clouds over Ireland
Sunrise over clouds as my flight approaches Ireland

Advice for Booking Flights to Ireland

Use these flight booking tips to choose the best flights for you. Learn how to monitor flights to get the best deal, which airport to choose, and which seat level to choose.

Booking Ireland Accommodations

Accommodations for 2023 are already scarce in some areas. Between rebooked tours from 2021 and nearly 70,000 Ukranian refugees being housed in hotels across the country, accommodations are at a premium. Book early.

car at Durrow Viaduct, County Waterford, Ireland
Follow the road less traveled- you never know what you might discover!

Ireland Car Rental

Book your rental car early for the best prices. Expect car rental shortages in the busier tourism months – which means higher prices as demand overwhelms the supply. READ Everything You Need to Know About Car Rental in Ireland so you aren't greeted with an expensive surprise.
Use code IFV to save 10% at Irish Car Rentals.

Petrol costs in Ireland are currently over USD$6 per gallon. I expect train and bus travel to become more popular along busy tourist routes so book tickets for public transportation in advance.

Hiring an Ireland Driver Guide

If you have a group of 6 or larger hiring a licensed driver guide may be the best money you spend. Not only will everyone comfortably fit in their touring vehicle (with plenty of room for luggage) but everyone can enjoy the journey.

For larger groups plan to book early as minibuses and touring coaches are in high demand.

Belfast Black Cab Tour Peace Wall
Black Cab Tour of Belfast

Tips for Booking Tours & Attractions

Book tours and popular ‘must see' attractions (like Book of Kells, Kilmainham Gaol, and Newgrange) in advance to avoid disappointment.


The European Travel Information and Authorization System comes online for Schengen Member countries in 2023 (edited: this has now been moved to 2024). While Ireland is part of the EU it is not a Schengen Member Country. But if your travel plans include other European countries visit ETIAS.com so you know what is needed before you travel.

EU Visitors to Northern Ireland

The Nationality and Borders Act is also set to be introduced in early 2023. Non-Irish EU visitors to Northern Ireland will need to apply for Electronic Travel Authorization to enter the UK (this only applies to EU residents).

To sum up…

Do your homework. Book early.

Jody Halsted
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