Kyltmore Abbey, Connemara, County Galway, Ireland
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Learning at Connemara Maths Academy at Kylemore Abbey

Most know that stunning Kylemore Abbey was home to a private school for girls for quite a few years. Now, Kylemore Abbey is opening their doors to students again to learn through discovery, creative technologies and adventure sports with the Connemara Maths Academy.

After a few conversations with Connemara Maths Academy on Twitter, I requested information I could share with my readers. This program certainly looks like a ‘win' for families planning an Ireland vacation – I hope it is still running when my girls are older!

Kylemore Abbey, Connemara, County Galway

Connemara Maths Academy at Kylemore Abbey

Our mission, through a stimulating, dynamic and interactive programme, is to help you become fluent in the basic mathematical concepts through ‘Discovery, Creativity and Adventure' in the heart of the most beautiful region of Connemara in the west of Ireland’s number 1 tourist attraction, Kylemore Abbey while having a ball and making life long friends.

Killary Adventure Centre, ConnemaraOur programmes are designed to help students really come to grips with the basic fundamental mathematical concepts through learning by discovery and visualisation while utilising a range of creative technologies (music technology, visual technology and 3D animation), adventure and team sport activities and music performance. The maths of activities are explored whether that involves sine waves and windsurfing or circles and geometry and the flight of a rugby ball captured in 3D. Our adventure activities take place in Killary Adventure Centre which is an amazing place and the best of its kind in Ireland.

If students have any ideas of what they would like to do in these projects, we will make every effort to fit it in to our programme. If they're interested in music technology or making films we use these creative technologies in our programmes. We are open to ideas and encourage students who are coming on the programme to let us know before the course starts.

We have project based workshops where groups of students work together on various projects and will have the opportunity to present them on the final Sunday whether its demonstrating a mathematical concept and its relevance in the real world through the use of creative technologies, their chosen activity/sport and/or music performance.

The GoPro project for example can be used to film yourself on a windsurf with the GoPro camera attached to the board while you surf. You can then edit the film into a short movie in our media technology workshops. If you'd like to add a sound track, thats not a problem.

Projects can range from the study of Waveforms, Sine Waves & Trigonometry Basics for example through the making of a GoPro Sports Film or a 3D Animation. Every effort is made to connect you with the concepts through highly visual and creative realities.

Connemara Maths Academy at Kylemore AbbeyStudents receive a complimentary multi media interactive iBook which will have the concepts covered and materials for the week in them. Students will also have the opportunity to create their own iBook into which they can embed their projects, any work and video/ images of their week. It will act as a great souvenir of their stay and will come in handy closer to exam time, where the key concepts covered will be included.

There will also be an array of video tutorials by the Maths whereby we have both the more traditional online video tutorial of concepts, but also the presentation of these concepts through the use of creative technologies and visual representations and multimedia content. Students will have access to an iPad in our workshops and activities.

We are running choir/ensemble/band rehearsals with a view to performing for parents and friends on the final Sunday in the Kylemore Abbey magnificent Ballroom. Depending on our student’s interests, talents and hobbies, the concert programme is very much a blank canvas!

Adventure activities at Connemara Maths AcademyOur adventure activities including kayaking, water trampolining, rock climbing, windsurfing, and zip wire take place in Killary Adventure Centre a short distance from the Abbey. We also have an astro turf playing field for team sports and an indoor arena for basketball and volleyball.

Students from ages 13-17 are very welcome to join our Irish students in Kylemore Abbey this summer, make friends and have the most memorable stay of your teenage life! We are looking forward to welcoming you.

For more information contact Connemara Maths Academy on Twitter, Facebook, or by phone at 00 353 (0) 95 31925.


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