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Summer Camp at Kylemore Abbey with @project_maths| Traveling in Ireland Podcast
Connemara Maths Academy (CMA)

Recorded: Sunday, February 28, 2016 7 pm CST

Jody is joined by Connemara Maths Academy (CMA) Founder & Director Aengus O’Connor B.Sc., D.L.S., M.Phil., P.D.E. They are discussing the wonderful Summer Camp in Ireland offered by the CMA. These fun camps are for all kids, ages 10 and up, regardless of their education level; and are designed to enhance their understanding in math.

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Jody Halsted with her guests, Aengus O’Connor. Aengus O’Connor is the Founder & Director of the Connemara Maths Academy (CMA).

Background of the CMA:

Aengus noticed that kids were having the same issues in maths in classrooms all over the world. He found that using hands-on approaches and creative technology (drones and gopro cameras) to teach math helped kids understand the concepts better. The CMA was created to fulfill this need.

The camps are fun and offer activities in coding, logic, robotics and more.

Where are the locations they use for the CMA camps?

There are 3 beautiful locations in Ireland that CMA uses for there camps. Here is a link to learn more about the summer camps.

What is the instructor to student ratio at CMA?

10-15 students max per teacher.

Safety at the academy:

It is very safe at the CMA. They have first aid, fully qualified and trained. Mobile phones are allowed so parents can contact their kids. 24/7-hour supervision.

How good does your kid have to be at math to go to CMA?

Any level of math is welcome to come. It is about enhancing their understanding and learning. The CMA tries to cater to each kid's problem areas in math.

What is the schedule for a typical day at CMA?

Breakfast: 8-8:45
Worshops start 9:15 or 9:30. Workshops are generally 15 minute chunks.
Activities are in the afternoon for 1.5-5-2 hours
Evening workshop after dinner 45 min
Dinner: 9-9:30
Retire: 10:30
Lights out: 11There is a concert at the end of every camp. It lasts about 40 minutes/ It is for the parents and shows  what the students have learned and done.

Learn more:

Here is CMA's link: a link for CMA's contact information:

Their phone number is 095 31925

CMA gets back to people immediately, so if you send an email we will get back with you quickly. They are also very active on social media: Twitter; Facebook; Google+; LinkedIn; Pinterest.

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