Do I Need to Rent a Car for My Entire Ireland Vacation? | Traveling in Ireland Podcast Episode 164

Hello from the apartment at Cappoquin House & Gardens in County Waterford.

I'm going to tell you about my stay here, but first, a listener question.

Do I Need a Car for My Entire Ireland Vacation?

Kristin H asks

My husband and I are traveling to Ireland for our first time in mid October. We are planning to rent a car when we fly into Dublin and then from there go to Galway, then Dingle and Killarney. What I was wondering is if it would be recommended to drop off our rental car when we leave Killarney and then take the train back to Dublin for our last two days there? We like the idea of being able to experience traveling by train as well, but I have tried to look up options of rental car and train travel but I can’t seem to find much information on that so I am wondering if that is not recommended idea? 

One way car rental is possible, you would just need to be sure that the company you rent from has a location at the Kerry Airport. You would then take a taxi back to Killarney to catch the train.

How to Travel Around Ireland: Buses, Trains, Boats & Automobiles

Just a couple things to keep in mind…

One way car rental will cost a bit more. And, more importantly, you are missing some really terrific spots between Killarney and Dublin by taking the train. Cahir Castle, the Rock of Cashel, and the Rock of Dunamase are 3 spots that I think are terrific.

While train travel in Ireland is easy and inexpensive, I would compare costs. You may find it to be a ‘wash' between and one way rental and 2 train tickets or adding an additional day to you car rental, returning it to Dublin Airport, and taking either a bus or taxi into the city for your final 2 days.

Cappoquin House & Gardens

Available on AirBnB

Cappoquin is a tiny village in County Waterford. The closest town of note is Lismore, but Dungarvin is a quick drive, as well.

Cappoquin House & Gardens, County Waterford

The apartment overlooks the courtyard and front of the 18th century Georgian mansion.

Sunken garden at Cappoquin House & Gardens, County Waterford, Ireland

Though the gardens are open to the public, they are overshadowed by the nearby gardens of Lismore Castle. These don't have that grandeur but are, instead, more of a peaceful, tranquil spot.

Upper Pleasure Garden at Cappoquin House & Gardens, County Waterford, Ireland

Mown pathways guide you through the grounds – the Croquet Lawn, Sunken Garden, Bleaching Ground, and Upper Pleasure Gardens – are all wonderfully inviting spots with benches that beckon you to pause and enjoy what surrounds you.

Apple cider from the orchard at Cappoquin House, County Waterford, Ireland

Local apple cider is produced from the Bramley apples in the large orchard (a bottle is provided in the apartment) and the trained pear trees are definitely worth checking out.

If you decide to stay in the apartment at Cappoquin House there are a few things to note.

steps up to the apartment at Cappoquin House & Gardens, County Waterford, Ireland
  • Entry to the apartment is via a narrow, wrought iron, circular stairway. Only take up what you need – and pack in a small suitcase.
  • Cappoquin has a small SuperValu – but no restaurants to note.
  • The apartment is quite spacious and has everything you need to be comfortable. But you are in a period building – you have heat but no AC (usually not an issue).

Overall I think this apartment is a wonderful spot for a couple, possibly a family with one child (but probably not a child under 5).

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