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Modern Comfort for Families at the Hotel Kilkenny

An easy drive from Dublin, Kilkenny is a terrific base for touring Ireland's southeast counties.  Located just off the city's ‘Ring Road' – the road that circles the town- the Hotel Kilkenny offers modern comfort and amenities for an Ireland family vacation.

Staying at Hotel Kilkenny

The Hotel Kilkenny was booked as part of our vacation package with IrishTourism.com.  We arrived after a long day that included arriving in Dublin at 6:30am, strolling around the Irish National Stud and a tasty visit to the Chocolate Garden of Ireland.  We were “wrecked”, as our server in the hotel's pub said as I told him about our day.

Blessedly, our check in was quick and we were in our room – with about half our bags- in just a  few minutes.

Famished, we made quick work of freshening up enough for dinner and made our way to the property's Pure Bar.  This ‘smart urban bar' was incredibly comfortable, with cushioned leather benches and chairs scattered round a very open area.  The girls settled in a quiet corner while I went to the bar to request menus.

While the Asian-inspired feel of the menu initially gave me pause, the food was fresh and tasty, and we had two of the most attentive servers.  So attentive and helpful that, overhearing we still had bags in the car, they helped me to bring the bags in so the girls could go to the room and collapse into bed.

Irish Breakfast at Hotel Kilkenny, Kilkenny, Ireland
Irish Breakfast- sausages, egg, bacon, black & white pudding, tomato

Our stay at the Hotel Kilkenny included breakfast, served in the hotel's Taste Restaurant.  The large sidebar included fresh fruits, juices, cereals, yougurt, pastries and bread.  This was perfect for the girls.  Made to order options included the Full Irish Breakfast and a Mexican Breakfast Wrap, as well as coffee, tea and hot chocolate.

Rooms at the Hotel Kilkenny

Your key card must be inserted into a wall slot to operate the electricity.  You'll find this energy saving measure in many Irish hotels and even some newer B&Bs.  I like it- it keeps me from forgetting where I laid my room key.

Family Room Hotel Kilkenny
Plenty of room at the Hotel Kilkenny

Our family room had a double bed and two twin beds, a large amoire with shelves, a seating area in the corner and a long table with a couple of drawers.  We had plenty of room to move about and space to put our things away and our suitcases out of the way- we didn't have to step over or around them.  The bathroom was spacious, as well, with a large mirror and shelf space for all our toiletries.

We did run into one problem with our room, however.  There were only two outlets.  I may travel with more gadgets than most people, and the 4 of us had 4 cameras, 2 laptops, a phone and 2 Kindles between us.  It was a struggle to keep everything charged- even with my universal adapter with 3 outlets.

Amenities at the Hotel Kilkenny

Kids Club at Hotel Kilkenny
Kids Club Activities

In addition to the free wifi, your stay at the Hotel Kilkenny also gives you access to the members only Leisure Club on the property.  The large pool and well equipped gym are a nice escape, while the Kids Club can keep the littles safely entertained – and give you a bit of time to yourself (especially nice if the weather doesn't cooperate with your touring plans!)

Pool at Active Leisure Club, Hotel Kilkenny, Ireland
Pool at Active Leisure Club

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Ireland With Kids would like to thank IrishTourism.com for hosting us and assisting with our itinerary for a portion of our Ireland family vacation.

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