The Magnificent Rock of Cashel

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Rock of Cashel
Taken walking up to the Rock of Cashel

There are really no words to fully describe how awe inspiring and overwhelming it feels as you approach the Rock of Cashel on foot.  As you look up the rocky slope at the solid walls looming above you feel very small and rather insignificant.  And when you stop to realize the entire imposing structure was built by hand with very rudimentary tools, well, it's impossible not to be speechless.

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Jody Halsted
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  1. A fine photograph of a lovely palce. I tend to prefer the smaller castles in Ireland, but still, this is a grand one.

    Ireland is moving up our travel hit list … rapidly … this is so lovely. My boy would love it.
    : )

    Castles fascinate me. This one is fabulous.

    That looks like an awe inspiring site!

    Wow! This truly is amazing. And all done by hand! Isn’t it incredible what gorgeous monuments our ancestors could build and yet we need all kinds of tools and computers to quite frankly, build some really hideous structures (not all, just some). I wonder what people will be saying about our buildings in the US in 500 years. Thanks so much for sharing! You keep sending Ireland back to the top of my list of places to get to ASAP.

      I don’t think there are many buildings in the US that will be standing in 500 years… LOL. Glad I can keep Ireland near the top of your places to travel list!

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