Best Tips to Beat Jet Lag During Your Ireland Vacation

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Arriving in Ireland, especially on an overnight flight, can be difficult.  Between take off, beverage service, dinner, breakfast, and the final beverage service, you may be lucky to have 2 hours in a darkened and semi-quiet cabin to try and rest before your early morning landing.

While it's tempting to see if you can check into your lodgings early and take a real nap, do your best to fight the urge and get your internal clock set to ‘Ireland time' as quickly as you can.

HaPenny Bridge, Dublin, Ireland. Dublin with kids. Ireland vacation tips to beat jet lag |
Best tip to beat jet lag: get moving!

5 Tips for Beating Jet Lag in Ireland

  1. Get Active. Your body has been sitting for far too long. Not only are you tired because your body is used to sleeping at this time, but you are tired from inactivity. Take a hike and get moving – once your blood is pumping you'll feel better.
    1. In Dublin? A walking tour is a great way to be active and learn the lay of the city.
    2. Arrive in Shannon? Head to the Burren, Cliffs of Moher, or Bunratty Castle for outdoor explorations.
  2. Drink Water. Flying dehydrates your body. Dehydration makes you tired. Begin hydrating well 2 days before your flight, and board the flight with your own water in hand as you will be on the plane for a while before the first beverage service begins. Many airports have water bottle filling stations, so invest in a good refillable water bottle. If you must have icy cold water (I know I do), many restaurants will fill your bottle for a nominal charge.
  3. Turn Off and Tune Out. Seat back entertainment, iPads and e-readers are great. But not when they keep you from resting. Even if you can't sleep, pop in some earplugs, put on an eye mask and let yourself relax.
  4. Freshen Up When You Land. Before you even make it to immigration stop at a bathroom. Change into fresh clothes, wash your face, brush your hair and teeth. Do your morning routine. This habit helps your body realize it's time to be awake.
  5. Drink Tea. A good, strong cuppa is the perfect way to begin your Ireland vacation. Grab one before you even leave the airport.
A cuppa tae and a light snack will set you right upon landing in Ireland. Ireland vacation | Ireland travel tips | beat jet lag |
A cuppa tae and a light snack will set you right upon landing in Ireland.

And if you arrive at your lodgings to drop your bags and find your room ready, nap no more than two hours. The quicker you get on ‘Ireland time' the more of Ireland you can experience!


  1. […] Freshen Up As you walk the long corridors toward customs, you’ll pass a few restrooms. Continue past the first one as it is likely to be busiest. But stop at the next one. Spend a few minutes to freshen up; change clothes, brush your teeth, touch up your makeup…  Do a bit to re-create your morning routine as this will help your body adjust to the time difference and beat jet lag. […]

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