Temple Bar TradFest Tips with Francesca from Roots Music Rambler | Traveling in Ireland Podcast Episode 67

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Francesca Mazurkiewicz, the Roots Music Rambler


Join Jody as she reminisces about Temple Bar TradFest with Francesca Mazurkiewicz of Roots Music Rambler. Hear about stand-out TradFest performers, tips to keep in mind as you plan your trip, and a few places in Dublin you shouldn't miss when you visit.

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Temple Bar TradFest Tips and Highlights from 2019

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(3:35) Ireland in January

Irish weather is mild- definitely nicer than the US Midwest! 

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(5:30) Francesca & Roots Music Rambler

Roots Music Rambler is a passion project to share the stories behind roots music in the US and around the world.

Irish and Celtic music are at the base of American roots music, which made Temple Bar TradFest a perfect trip for her.

Temple Bar TradFest Tips

(10:10) Favorite Performers from TradFest 2019

Carlos Nūñez is an amazing performer. he had people out of their seats and dancing in the aisles!

Corner Boy opened for The Lost Brothers and became Francesca's new favorite band.

Phelim Drew at Pepper Canister Church, Dublin,Ireland. Photo by Jody Halsted, IrelandFamilyVacations.com
An intimate concert by Phelim Drew at Pepper Canister Church

(12:05) Temple Bar TradFest Concerts & Other Events

You'll find events beyond concerts! Family events, workshops, food experiences, cultural offerings!

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(13:08) Tips for Choosing your TradFest Concerts & Venues

I chose by venue then artist.

St Patrick's Cathedral at night, Dublin, Ireland. Photo by Jody Halsted, IrelandFamilyVacations.com
Though St. Patrick's Cathedral isn't within Temple Bar, it is an easy walk to the venue for evening concerts.

Francesca was more deliberate in her choices. She wanted to experience trad, nu-trad, and folk. It took a lot of time and research. She attended 2 and 3 concerts per day.

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(18:00) What Really Impressed Francesca About TradFest & Dublin

Beyond the thrill of being in a new city and country, Francesca was blown away by the food!

Ireland's food story is all about fresh, local, and using what's available. It's incredible!

(20:20) Planning for Temple Bar TradFest 2020

A few changes Francesca will make as she plans her visit to TradFest in 2020

  • Don't leave the day after the festival ends
  • More time in Ireland
  • Fewer concerts and more experiences offered by the festival & beyond  
Pipes & Drums march through the cobbled streets of Temple Bar during TradFest. Photo by Jody Halsted
Pipes & Drums march through the cobbled streets of Temple Bar during TradFest

(22:21) 3 Things to Do on Your First Trip to Dublin

EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum. Walk through the story of Irish emigrants and the impact they made (good and bad) throughout the world.

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Food Tour with Irish Food Trail. Get the flavor of Dublin in a fun walking tour with a terrific guide.

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YouTube video

Hang out with real Dublin musicians at a pub. It's a true Irish experience.

(29:19) Thanks for Listening!

Find more from Francesca at Roots Music Rambler.

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