Plan Your Trip to Temple Bar TradFest in Dublin 2024 (Complete Guide)

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Temple Bar TradFest in Dublin is Ireland's largest festival of traditional music. TradFest features musical artists who keep traditional Irish and Celtic music alive, while also welcoming international musicians from the folk, nu-folk, country, and rock & roll genres.

Temple Bar TradFest in Dublin - Everything You Need to Know by

I've had the wonderful opportunity to experience Temple Bar TradFest a few times. Here is what I learned to make the most of your trip.

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Planning Your Trip to Temple Bar TradFest in Dublin

Begun in 2006 as a small, niche music festival, Temple Bar TradFest has grown to a 5 day celebration of music that draws everyone from trad music purists to the musically curious.

Even with its growth, the festival manages to maintain it's small, boutique qualities by hosting concerts in some of Dublin's most historic venues. It's these venues, from churches and military barracks to castles and pubs, that elevate the concerts from wonderful performances to unforgettable events.

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Where is Temple Bar in Dublin?

You'll find Temple Bar at the heart of Dublin city centre, bordered by the River Liffey to the north and Dame Street to the south, with Trinity College and Christchurch Cathedral guarding the east and west entrances.

HaPenny Bridge Dublin. Photo by by Jody Halsted, Ireland Family Vacations
Ha'Penny Bridge is one way to cross the Liffey to leave or enter Temple Bar

Often referred to as the ‘Old City', the streets of Temple Bar are still cobbled and the buildings retain their Medieval characteristics, updated, of course, by the development through the decades.

Strolling the streets and lanes of this cultural district is like walking through time, the architecture reflecting history from the Vikings and Normans, through the Gothic, Renaissance, and even Baroque periods.

The Temple Bar in Dublin by Jody Halsted, Ireland Family Vacations
The Temple Bar in Temple Bar. The pub's name is great marketing, but the area was not named for the bar.

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When is Temple Bar TradFest?

Temple Bar TradFest is held each January over a period of 5 days, beginning on a Wednesday and ending the following Sunday. You'll find concerts taking place during the afternoon and evening, with other events scattered throughout the day.

Temple Bar TradFest 2024 dates are January 24-28

Who Will Enjoy Temple Bar TradFest?

Temple Bar TradFest in Dublin is truly a festival with something for everyone.

Those who love music will be overwhelmed by the concert choices. In 2023 there were over 50 concerts and events during TradFest. From the better-known performers at the Headline concerts, to the intimate Front Row Sessions at small venues, and the names you'll hear about tomorrow performing in the TradHub, you will find plenty of choices to fill your playlist.

Then, of course, you will find music nightly at the pubs in Temple Bar. My advice: choose the lesser-known venues for smaller crowds and more personal performances.

Beyond the music you'll find cultural offerings at TradFringe. From the origins of Irish names and genealogy research tips to songwriting and singing workshops, TradFringe takes you deeper into Irish culture and history.

Pipes & Drums march through the cobbled streets of Temple Bar during TradFest. Photo by Jody Halsted
Pipes & Drums march through the cobbled streets of Temple Bar during TradFest

TradFest even has activities if you're visiting Dublin with kids. While the day-time and early evening headline concerts are family friendly, you really want to be sure your child is of an age to appreciate them.

Luckily TradFest has an entire TradKids series on the weekend. Two days of live concerts, crafts programs, musical workshops, and even a trad session for children who play an instrument, offer incredible exposure and inclusion into Irish music and culture for children.

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Tips to Help You Plan Your Time at Temple Bar TradFest in Dublin

Your time at Temple Bar TradFest will go fast. And while you want to leave room for spontaneity, you also need to have a few key plans if place to take advantage of everything the festival, and Dublin, have to offer.

How Long to Stay in Dublin for TradFest

If your flight to Ireland involves crossing more than 4 time-zones, plan to spend a week in Dublin. As the concerts begin on Wednesday, I think arriving Sunday or Monday is perfect. This gives you time to shake off any jet lag and get your bearings in the city. It will also allow you time to explore Dublin before the concerts begin.

Plan your flights to arrive and depart from Dublin Airport, unless you will stay on to tour Ireland before or after the festival.

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Getting Around Dublin During TradFest

Dublin is a wonderfully compact and walk able city. Most TradFest venues are within Temple Bar. Most that fall outside the boundaries of the ‘Old City' are in an easy walking distance.

St Patrick's Cathedral at night, Dublin, Ireland. Photo by Jody Halsted,
Though St. Patrick's Cathedral isn't within Temple Bar, it is an easy walk to the venue for evening concerts.

If you don't wish to walk, or the distance is more than you are comfortable with, taxis are readily available in the city centre. If you don't want to wait for a taxi to come along, download the FreeNow app for Ireland before your trip.

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3 Tips for Choosing Your Temple Bar TradFest Concerts

As mentioned above, the number of concerts you can attend at Temple Bar TradFest in Dublin is nearly overwhelming. And choosing which concerts to attend is difficult.

As you begin making your concert selections, keep these tips in mind!

Phelim Drew at Pepper Canister Church, Dublin,Ireland. Photo by Jody Halsted,
An intimate concert by Phelim Drew at Pepper Canister Church

Choose by Music Type 

If you're a trad music enthusiast you may be familiar with a few of the performers at TradFest. As you research the performers you'll find that many of the venues feature a specific type of music. Meaning if you like one performer at that venue you are likely to enjoy all the performances being held there.

Choose by Venue 

If you're like me you enjoy music but you are also very interested in history and architecture. I began my research with the venues, noting which locations I wanted to be sure to see concerts. Then I researched the performers at each venue and chose who and when based on date and time. There may have been a spreadsheet involved…

Choose by Research

Temple Bar TradFest makes it really easy for you to hear their featured artists with their Spotify playlists. 

The TradFest website also features bios for each performer, including website information and other helpful links.

You may just and up with your own extensive playlist of new favorites!

Remember This When Booking Your Concerts

If there was one thing I took away from my first TradFest experience it was this: Don't Overbook.

St Patrick's Cathedral during Temple Bar TradFest 2019. Photo by Jody Halsted
I don't think you'll ever find a more impressive location for a concert than St. Patrick's Cathedral

I planned my concerts well in advance of TradFest. And I thought I had left time for other experiences. But I found that quite a few additions are made to the schedule within the final weeks prior to the festival. And my time was already spoken for.

So my advice is this: book into the concerts you absolutely, completely do NOT want to miss. Then, as the festival dates approach, keep an eye on the website to see what other offerings are being added. Food tours, whiskey tastings, seminars, and showcases are all added as the festival dates get closer.

Add those experiences, then fill in with other concerts.

Tips for Attending Temple Bar TradFest Concerts

Headline Concerts and Front Row Sessions have a completely different vibe and feel.

The Headline Concerts are held in larger, historic venues. Seating is limited to ticket holders and space is comfortable. It's easy to bring your coat and a bag to these concerts and not feel crowded.

Standing Room only at Oliver St. John Gogarity Pub in Temple Bar, Dublin, Ireland. Photo by Jody Halsted,
Standing Room only at Oliver St. John Gogarity Pub during a Front Row Session

Front Row Sessions, however, are held in small venues. If you arrive early enough you may get a seat, but these crowds are mainly standing room. I recommend arriving to these shows with as little extra as possible. If you can, leave your coat at your hotel and carry only the necessities. Don't bring bags from shopping excursions as they may get stepped on or spilled in.

Be Sure to Visit the TradFest Box Office

The TradFest Box Office is open during the festival to help you with any festival questions, pick up last minute concert tickets, and grab your official Temple Bar TradFest swag.

You'll also be able to pick up the official TradFest guide which lists everything happening during the festival, a handy guide to Temple Bar, and a map showing the locations of all concerts.

Temple Bar Hotels for TradFest

Dublin has hundreds of hotels, so choosing the best hotel for your time at TradFest can be, like choosing concerts, a bit overwhelming.

These Dublin hotel recommendations are based on my own stays in the city.

The Morgan Hotel

The Morgan Hotel is a luxury property located in the heart of Temple Bar, steps away from the lively pubs and a short walk to many of the city's attractions.

Rooms at The Morgan are spacious and modern, with pops of color and whimsy.

Room at The Morgan Hotel Dublin
I loved my room at The Morgan Hotel

Staff at The Morgan will go out of their way to make sure you have everything you need (huge thanks to Adrian and Sonya who went above and beyond during my stay).

And if the chocolate chip cookies happen to be on the desk as you pass by be sure to grab one. It may be the best chocolate chip cookie you've had. Ever.

Book your room as B&B to take advantage of the wonderful breakfast at The Morgan.

The complete breakfast buffet allows you to eat as light or heavy as you wish. Create your own ‘Full Irish' from the hot options, or eat lighter from the Continental offerings.

Breakfast Buffet at The Morgan Hotel, Dublin, Ireland
The extensive Breakfast Buffet at The Morgan Hotel

If you prefer to order off a menu you'll find plenty of selection available.

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Is The Morgan Hotel good for families?

I'm going to preface this to say that I don't really like staying in the Temple Bar area with kids. The area is busy and quite lively, bordering on wild in the evenings. It is not my preference.

That said, the Morgan Hotel is family friendly, with special family offers, triple rooms and the ability to easily book multiple rooms.

If you decided to stay in Temple Bar with kids, The Morgan Hotel would be my recommendation.

Check Prices at The Morgan Hotel on

The Harding Hotel

You'll find The Harding Hotel just across the street from Christchurch Cathedral on the west edge of Temple Bar. A historic ‘Old City' hotel, I found the rooms to be compact and designed with purpose, each bit of space usable.

Single room at The Harding Hotel, Dublin, Ireland
Though my room was small it had a great view- Christchurch Cathedral was just out my window.

My single room left little extra space, but the bathroom was huge. The double room next to mine was larger but the bathroom was smaller. When booking into The Harding it is important to remember the historic nature of the building and be aware that it does affect room layouts and size.

That said, the rooms were very clean and the staff friendly and helpful. My room was quite dim. Upon mentioning this to the staff at the front desk an extra lamp was delivered in minutes.

The hotel offers breakfast in the Copper Alley Bistro where you place your order from the small menu with all the traditional Irish options.

Irish Breakfast at Copper Alley Bistro, The Harding Hotel, Dublin, Ireland
Irish Breakfast at Copper Alley Bistro

Evenings are lively in the hotel pub, the famous Darkey Kelly's Bar, where you'll find live music nightly and an extensive pub menu from Copper Alley Bistro.

The Harding Hotel is a terrific budget option in Temple Bar with a great location.

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Is the Harding Hotel good for families?

While the Harding Hotel is on the edge of Temple Bar and therefore quieter, when I inquired at the front desk about family rooms the staff was rather quick to point out that they really don't cater to families.

That said, the hotel website does state that travel cots are on request, but this wouldn't be my choice for a comfortable family hotel in Dublin.

Check Prices at The Harding Hotel on

The Castle Hotel

The Castle Hotel is a charming Georgian hotel in Dublin city centre, but outside the boundary of Temple Bar. The hotel is created from a row of Georgian townhomes and still retains the grand staircases, marble fireplaces, and magnificent chandeliers.

Georgian features at the Castle Hotel, Dublin
Intricate carved stairs and crystal chandeliers can be found throughout the Castle Hotel in Dublin

Bedrooms at The Castle Hotel are individually decorated to reflect the style and history of the building while offering spacious rooms and today's comforts.

An extensive breakfast buffet is served in the Old Music Shop restaurant, and you'll find trad music and a meal most evening sin the Castle Vaults Restaurant.

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Is The Castle Hotel good for families?

This is one of my favorite family hotels in Dublin. The family rooms are very spacious and, as the hotel was once a series of townhouses, you'll often find a large sitting room right outside your door.

Sitting room outside family room at The Castle Hotel, Dublin, Ireland
Our bedroom was the only one opening to this sitting room, making it feel like an extension to our already spacious area.

On-site parking is a plus, if you've braved Dublin traffic, and the location, just 2 minutes from O'Connell Street, makes it easy to walk to any spot in Dublin city centre while keeping you out of the busiest Dublin areas at night.

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