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A Bit About Temple Bar in Dublin | Traveling in Ireland Podcast Episode 60

Temple Bar Company, Dublin, IrelandWhen planning a trip to Ireland Temple Bar in Dublin is usually near the top of the list of places to visit in the capital city. But do you know where to find Temple Bar? Or how the area was named? Martin Harte, CEO of the Temple Bar Company joins me on the Traveling in Ireland Podcast.

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Let's Explore Temple Bar in Dublin

Temple Bar, Dublin, Ireland

Today's episode of the Traveling in Ireland Podcast is sponsored by Temple Bar TradFest, Ireland's largest festival of music in some of Dublin's most historic places. Get more information at

Martin Harte, CEO, Temple Bar Company

(2:01) What is Temple Bar

Dublin is a small, and very walk-able, city.

Temple Bar in in the center of the city. It's the ‘downtown', the ‘Old City', and the cultural quarter.

(3:23) Why Was It Named Temple Bar?

A bar is a sandy area on a river. And this land was once owned by Sir William Temple, Provost of Trinity College.

As the area developed the name remained.

Even with all the development that has taken place, the streets maintain their Medieval characteristics.

(8:58) How Large is Temple Bar?

Temple Bar in Dublin covers about 28 acres. The residential population is about 2000 people, but the area welcomes about 22 million visitors each year.

(9:53) What's Unique About Temple Bar in Dublin?

Temple Bar is a wonderful cultural district filled with historical buildings, fascinating architecture, and charming side streets.

Original House of Lords still stands in Temple Bar, nearly unchanged from when it was built in 1790.

(12:29) About Temple Bar TradFest

Temple Bar TradFest is managed by the Temple Bar Company, a not for profit organization dedicated to promoting the Temple Bar Area.

Businesses in the area contribute into a fund which keeps the Temple Bar district maintained, help promote the area, and fund cultural events.

TradFest promotes both traditional and folk music.

See a full list of the TradFest venues here.

(18:44) Ireland in January?

January was chosen because it was traditionally a quiet month, there was nothing really happening.

January is a perfect time for a city break- and Ireland isn't as cold as many places in the US in January!

Dublin is a city for all seasons- you won't find many attractions closed for winter.

(25:17) How to Choose Which Concerts to See at TradFest

I made my choices after a lot of research… videos, web pages, and Spotify listening. I also noted which venues I wanted to see performances in and made sure to book into those.

Martin points out that many venues have a specific type of music, so if you enjoy that type of music you may want to focus on that venue.

Choose City Hall if you enjoy traditional Irish music.

If you like uptempo, eclectic music then you'll want to book into concerts at Dublin Castle.

For up and coming performers you'll want to check out the line up at St. Michan's Church or Pepper Canister Church.

To dance, have a drink, and have some good fun choose the Front Row Session in the pubs.

(30:48) Three ‘Hidden Spots' to Find in Temple Bar in Dublin

On the corner of Parliament Street and Essex Quay you'll find the friezes of Sunlight Chambers.

Palace Bar is a Victorian bar where Dublin's poets and playwrights met and drank… and it hasn't changed since the lat 19th century.

Wander down the side streets off Temple Bar. You'll see architecture from the 16th through the 20th century. There are over 300 listed heritage buildings in Temple Bar.

(36:30) #DublinGoals

Pic up (or bring) a copy of James Joyce's Dubliners, a collection of short stories. Many of the stories are set in Temple Bar. Bring your book, settle in with a drink, and enjoy one of the stories.

You're also likely to recognize a few areas featured in films.

(39:49) On the Next Traveling in Ireland Podcast

I'll be following this podcast with another Dublin focused episode featuring some of the TradFest venues as well as Dublin travel tips.

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