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I adore Ireland because it is so welcoming.  No matter what your family enjoys, you will find an activity (or tow or three) to fit your lifestyle.  The attached article from Irish Central highlights 10  theme vacations in Ireland, from gourmet to rural- and everything in between.  The most lovely thing about it is that you can mix them together and create the Irish vacation of your dreams!

The good thing about Ireland is that it needn’t be a wrenching decision – there’s a venue for every type of traveler. The fact is that the tourism industry in Ireland has undergone nothing short of a revolution in the past 20 years. In order to compete internationally, the standards have taken off in terms of accommodation, facilities, attractions and dining options. Wherever you go, you’ll be treated like a king.

via IrishCentrals top ten theme vacations in Ireland | IrishCentral.

More tips for your vacation to Ireland:

Irish road signs are in both Irish and English.  Unless you're in a Gaeltecht- then they are in Irish only. Learn about the Irish Gaelic You'll See on Road Signs.

Worried about driving in Ireland?  It's actually quite easy.  Here are some Tips for Driving in Ireland.

Don't worry about money orders or changing piles of money- here are tips for Using Debit & Credit Cards in Ireland.

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