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Year of the Irish Language with Eoin O’Conchúir of Bitesize Irish Gaelic | Traveling in Ireland Podcast Episode 51

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Learn Irish from Bitesize Irish Gaelic

2018 is the official year of the Irish Language. Eoin O'Conchúir joins me on the podcast to talk about the Irish language in Ireland and how his course, Bitesize Irish Gaelic, helps people learn Irish.
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The Year of the Irish Language

(1:00) Bliain ne Gaeilge 2018

2018 is the 125th anniversary of the Irish language revival by the Gaelic League. More information at

Gaeltacht sign on roadside; Irish Language with Eoin O'Conchúir of Bitesize Irish Gaelic

(1:42) Eoin O'Conchúir of Bitesize Irish Gaelic

Bitesize Irish Gaelic

The Irish language has gone through many different steps, positive and negative, throughout its history.

Written Irish has been used for about 1500 years, but due to many invasions it was unlikely to have ever been the only language in Ireland.

Speaking Irish may have been an economic burden as speaking English would have offered more opportunity.

(7:14) Irish Language Productions & Podcasts

TG4 is the Irish language TV station in Ireland

RTÉ Raidió na Gaeltachta 

Motherfoclóir podcast

DuoLingo app – available on iTunes and GooglePlay

(9:04) Gaeilge During and After Rebellions and The Troubles

The Irish language exists on its own, but the 1916 uprising seemed to be a tipping point toward taking back cultural identity.

The Irish language may ‘come with a lot of baggage' but it's a way to ‘tap into Irish-ness'. It's a deep, personal experience to be able to express yourself, even a little bit, through a language.

(11:52) Bitesize Irish Gaelic began in 2010

Bitesize Irish has so many options for learning Irish!

Free one month course

The Bitesize Irish course (with free trial account)

Learn Irish with Eoin– a one hour ‘crash course' (via Amazon)

Bitesize Audio Program – 15 hours of audio lessons

Find Bitesize Irish Gaelic on Facebook

(27:39) Recommended Destinations to hear Irish spoken

Carraroe, Connemara, County Galway – very popular with Irish-speaking visitors for culture and Irish schools

(30:04) How to Order a Pint of Guinness in Irish

pionta Guinness le do thoil – a pint of Guinness please

Substitute the name of your favorite beverage- Bulmers, Smithwicks, Beamish….

Dingle Peninsula

Belfast has strong pockets of Irish. Falls Road has signs in Irish and English. A few Belfast events and initiatives: Duncairn Centre for Culture & Arts, Féile an Phobail (multiple festivals), Culturlann.

(40:34) Final Thoughts

Remember, you don't need to wait for permission to use the Irish language. Even if it's just a few words- please, thank you, or cheers!- use your a cúpla focal and it will make your trip to Ireland more enjoyable.

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