Barnahown B&B, Mitchelstown, Cork
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Barnahown B&B and Adventures in the Galtee Mountains

Barnahown is a new luxury guest house and experience centre opening in Mitchelstown, County Cork in 2024.

Mitchelstown and the Galtee Mountains also lie in the regions of Ballyhoura and the Munster Vales. Both are areas that are known for outdoor adventure and a slower, more relaxing, experience for visitors.

Barnahown B&B, Mitchelstown, Cork

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Barnahown Luxury Galtee Adventures

Barnahown is a mid-1800s farm house that has been undergoing a loving and sensitive restoration over the past few months.

Ciara O'Brien was raised in Mitchelstown before moving away for a corporate job that took her around the world. Deciding to leave corporate, Ciara invested in a local property to transform it into the type of accommodation and attraction she would like to experience, a ‘full service' local experience.

Georgian fountain Mitchelstown, Cork, Ireland
Georgian fountain in Mitchelstown

Mitchelstown, County Cork

Cork is the largest county in Ireland and Mitchelstown is located in the northern part of the county near where the counties of Cork, Tipperary, and Limerick meet.

This area of Cork is known as the Golden Vale; a very rural area known for the quality of its farms and producers. The historic landowners of the area, the Kingston family, were good landlords to the Irish and left a fantastic Georgian architectural heritage.

Mitchelstown is a lovely juxtaposition of rural Ireland. You'll see farmers driving through town on their tractors, passing buildings dating from the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries. St. George's Arts & Heritage Centre is newly restored and hosts live entertainment. Mitchelstown is also home to a famine workhouse.

Galtee Mountains, Ireland

The Galtee Mountains

The Galtee Mountains are the highest inland mountain range in Ireland, stretching 30 km from County Tipperary to County Limerick, just north of Mitchelstown.

The Galtees are filled with outdoor adventure from gentle walks to the challenging 3000 foot hike up Galteemore.
Download the Ballyhoura Trails Guide App to find your adventure.


Barnahown is an Irish farmhouse B&B experience – with a focus on local producers and artisans.

Breakfasts will be locally sourced – some from right outside the window. Decoration and design has been done by local artisans and artists. The on-site honesty bar will feature Irish tipples to enjoy in the evening.

local Irish foods
Locally produced Irish food

3 Things You Shouldn't Miss near Mitchelstown, County Cork

Lough Curra walks. From the car park to the lake is about a 90 minute walk.

Mitchelstown walking tour. Explore the Georgian town – and learn the history of Mitchelstown Castle which was forcibly occupied by the IRA before being burned to the ground.

O'Callaghans Cafe & Delicatessen – a lovely restaurant that offers dine in or deli showcasing Irish produce.

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