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The Munster Vales | Traveling in Ireland Podcast Episode 42

The Munster Vales
The Munster Vales

Get off the tourist trail and into the heart of the country with Ireland's newest tourism initiative. Jody is joined by Triona O’Mahoney, Destination and Marketing Manager for The Munster Vales.

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Munster Vales Traveling in Ireland Podcast

About The Munster Vales:

The Munster Vales centers around the mountain ranges found in Limerick, Cork, Tipperary, and Waterford. The initiative is designed to showcase all the activities and attractions the area has to offer. This is a very community driven initiative.

Activities and Attractions in this Area:

Munster Vales Must-See Recommendations:

Greenways: Paths that you can go down by foot.
Blueways: Paths that you can go down by boat.

Closing remarks:

Click on this link and find out more about The Munster Vales.
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