Saving Ireland’s Woodlands with Emerald Heritage | Traveling in Ireland Podcast Episode 12

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Doug planting trees with Lyn Nelson

Did you know that Ireland used to be covered in trees? It's true- only 1% of Ireland's native woodlands remain. Join Jody as she chats with Lyn Nelson, Director of Emerald Heritage about saving Ireland's native woodlands – one square foot of land at a time.

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Jody is joined by Lyn Nelson, Director of Emerald Heritage, a conservation group dedicated to restoring Ireland's native woodlands.

About Emerald Heritage:

Native Irish Woodlands are depleted.
Depleted woodlands affects animals, flora, and uplands.
Woodland damage dates back to the Plantation era of the 1600s.

Becoming a Titled Landowner in Ireland

Become a Squireen with just a tiny, square-foot plot.
Land is in the stunning Glens of Antrim.
Each plot is privately owned and will remain in your family for future generations.

Land for everyone to enjoy:

Future plans include walking paths through the woodlands for all to enjoy and experience.

Reasons to Buy a Bit of Ireland :

Birthday, anniversary, or holiday gift
A memorial
A lasting legacy
A permanent connection to Ireland

Visiting Your Irish Land:

You can visit your own plot of land – Emerald Heritage converts the Ireland Ordinance Survey Coordinates to GPS for you.
Tree planting is encouraged, but please plant native Irish trees.

Future Irish Gathering:

Likely in 2017.

Closing remarks:

Learn more about the conservation efforts and purchase a plot at
Read about our Emerald Heritage package as well as the visit to our plots in the Glens of Antrim here on Ireland Family Vacations.


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