Simple Phrases in Irish from Bitesize Irish Gealic

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My friend, Eoin, from Bitesize Irish Gaelic recently sent out these simple Irish phrases- with pronunciation- in his recent newsletter.  With his permission I have reprinted them here.

Simple phrases for Ireland
(I've included approximate pronunciation for the phrases.)

Dia dhuit (Hello)
jee-ah gwit

An bhfuil Gaeilge agat? (Do you speak Irish?)
on wil gwayl-ih-ga ah-gut?

Tá cúpla focal agam. (I have a couple of words = I can speak a little.)
thaw coop-la fuc-ull ag-um

Is as [Meiriceá] mé. (I am from [America].)
iss oss mer-ick-aw may

Cá bhfuil an stáisiún bus? (Where is the bus station?)
caw wil on STAW-shoon bus?

An bhfuil an bus seo ag dul go Corcaigh? (Is this bus going to Cork?)
on wil on bus shuh eg dul guh cur-cig?

via Traveling to Ireland, or dreaming of it?.

Though Irish is incredibly confusing (at least for me) it is thrilling to use the few words my daughters and I are fluent at in front of others.  People are very impressed when you tell them you can speak a little Irish!  If you haven't visited the Bitesize Irish Gaelic website yet go over and try it now- your first Irish language lesson is free!

This is the website my Irish Language class uses.  It's interactive and great for the entire family- my daughters enjoy that we can record ourselves!

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