Say Happy Christmas in Irish

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Thanks to my friends at Bitesize Irish Gaelic for their Irish language guidance!  Nollaig shona dhuit! (Happy Christmas!/Merry Christmas!) Pronounce it something like /Null-eg hunna ghwitch/ There you go, I have just wished you a happy Christmas. The “dhuit” literally translates to “to you”. It’s like we’re wishing a happy Christmas ‘towards you’. That’s for speaking with one person, but to address two or more people in the Irish language: Nollaig shona dhaoibh! (Happy Christmas to you [to two or more people]) /Null-eg hunna gheev/
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  1. I bet your kids are getting excited in time for Christmas. Hope the preparation is going well. Bainigí taithneamh as (enjoy it)!

      @Eoin Thanks Eoin! Life is crazy this time of year but looking forward to spending time with the girls, baking treats and watching movies. Our best wishes to you!

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