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My friends at Bitesize Irish Gaelic have been so helpful in my pursuit of learning to speak Irish. Their online classes are easy to use – my daughters do them with me – and understand.  The lessons are so well done that my local Irish language class uses them.

If you're interested in learning Irish Gaelic and wonder if an online course is the right choice for you the ebook Learn Irish Gaelic Online: All You Need to Know, written by Audrey Nickel, an Irish learner and teacher, is a nice resource for beginners.

Eoin and Saša just released a new ebook : Pronunciation Cheat Sheets for Irish Gaelic (or “How the feck do I pronounce that?).   My class started using it last night and I can't begin to tell you how helpful it was!  The ebook is $7– and worth every penny- but is available free to subscribers until Saturday, May 28.

I love that Bitesize Irish Gaelic lets you try your first lesson free and has a money back guarantee if you find that online learning isn't for you.  Eoin and Saša are quick to answer any questions and are so helpful; I love their classes and recommend them every chance I get.  If you're interested in learning to speak Irish you will love the classes from Bitesize Irish Gaelic.

Eoin was kind enough to write a guest post for Ireland with Kids just a couple of weeks ago about the Irish Gaelic You See on Roadsigns. It's a great post and very helpful to those visiting Ireland and planning a self-drive trip.

Just FYI:  I am a student of Bitesize Irish Gaelic- and so thankful for their easy-to-understand instruction.  I am not paid to promote their classes.

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