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Surfing in Ireland with Ben Bennett | Traveling in Ireland Podcast Episode 72

Jody is taking to the Atlantic waves again! Join her conversation about surfing in Ireland with Ben Bennett, owner of Ben's Surf Clinic in Lahinch, County Clare.

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Surfing in Ireland

Recorded live at Randaddy's on the promenade in Lahinch, on the west coast of Ireland! As I was recording this with Ben we were watching people surf the January waves!

Where to go Surfing in Ireland

(2:00) Isn't it Too Cold to Surf in Ireland?

Surfers in Lahinch, County Clare
January surfers in Lahinch

Water temperatures in Ireland are about 16°C (60°F) in the summer, and surfers would normally still wear a light wet suit. On the nicest days surfers will wear a board short or swimsuit.

Winter water temperatures are about 7°C or 8°C (46°F).

It's actually the air temperature that is the problem. The windchill factor makes it feel much colder.

(3:16) About Ben Bennett and Ben's Surf Clinic

Ben's Surf Clinic on the Promenade in Lahinch
Ben's Surf Clinic on the Promenade in Lahinch

Ben's Surf Clinic has been on the promenade in Lahinch for 14 years.

Lahinch has great learner waves as well as advanced waves.

Ben's Surf Clinic was the first hardboard surf school in Ireland.

(4:12) What Makes Ireland a Great Place to Surf

  • Location. Being on the edge of Europe, Ireland is the first thing the Atlantic Ocean hits, bringing consistent, big waves.
  • The jagged, diverse coastline. This offers many choices for swell and wind direction. A difference of just a few miles changes the conditions.
  • A good mix of sandy and rocky beaches. Beginners tend toward sandy beaches while more advanced surfers prefer rock and reef.

(5:55) Ireland's Legendary Waves

Aileen's Wave (video) off the Cliffs of Moher in County Clare. It has been described as the ‘perfect wave' and can be 35-40 feet.

Riley's Wave (video) south of Lahinch, also in County Clare. It doesn't break as big, but is a powerful, barreling wave.

(9:40) Take Your Time in Ireland- Especially if You Want to Surf

Ben's Surf Clinic shares local surf conditions daily on the website, Instagram, and Facebook.

See how much there is to do in west Clare and the Burren!

(12:00) Learn to Surf in Ireland at Ben's Surf Clinic

Surf boards at Ben's Surf Clinic

Ben's Surf Clinic offers lessons for those just beginning to more advanced surfers.

Beginners will learn to manage their board, enter the water correctly, and the proper way to lie on the board to catch a wave.

Lessons are 2 hours in the water. All equipment is included, and groups are small, no more than 6 people.

Ben's Surf Clinic is the only surf school in Lahinch with hot showers available after your lesson.

(18:50) Lahinch Adventures

Lahinch Adventures, part of Ben's Surf Clinic, offers other fun activities, as well.

In nearby Ennsitymon you can do kayaking or stand up paddleboarding on the river.

Rock climbing is offered in the Burren.

You'll also find indoor adventures including climbing, archery, and tag archery.

Indoor climbing walls
Climbing walls at Lahinch Adventures

Get your free Doolin Vacation Itinerary and stay a few days in the Burren

(23:18) 3 Places to Add to Your Ireland Itinerary

If you are an experienced surfer explore the coastline from Sligo town to Bundoran for a vast range of breaks.

Find secret beaches near Clifden, County Galway.

Explore from Leenane, County Galway to Louisburgh, County Mayo for a stunning drive. Be sure to visit The Lost Valley.

(26:46) Thanks for Listening!

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