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Tourism in Ireland with Shane Ross | Traveling in Ireland Podcast Episode 16

Tourism Ireland

Find out what's up with tourism in Ireland for 2017? Jody is talking with Shane Ross, Minister for Transport, Tourism, and Sport in Ireland. Special thanks to Tourism in Ireland for arranging up this interview. Learn more at

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Why are travelers going to Ireland?

Ireland has had a record number of tourist for the last 5 years and the numbers are expected to grow in 2017. Total of 1.3 million per annum in 2016.

Reasons for increase:

  • The great attractions in Ireland
  • The currency
  • The increase in Ireland's tourist efforts

What is drawing tourists?

In the last few years, Ireland has had more active and adventure tourism that caters to families as opposed to just driving and seeing the historic sites.

1 in 5 Americans that travel to Europe visit Ireland. Tourism in Ireland has increase 14% per annum every year. Americans love the “Irish Welcome” and find the themed tourism (such as the Wild Atlantic Way, Ireland's Ancient East, etc.) very appealing.

Wild Atlantic Way:

Kicked off heavily in 2014, this themed tourism track combines the Cliffs of Moher, the Barren, Galway Bay, and everything along the Atlantic Ocean from Donegal down to Cork. It was designed to show more of the treasures that Ireland has to offer that previously were overlooked by many tourists. It is the longest organized scenic route in the world. Counties and businesses really work together to make these places very special and appealing to tourists.

New Concepts Coming Soon:

Cycling and walking greenways. Current planning for a Greenway from Dublin to Achill. In these areas, people can cycle or walk from one side of Ireland to another without being disturbed by cars. Special trails and campsites will be available along the way.

Ancient East:

A thematic approach to showcase the geographical gem of Ireland's history and culture.

Not-to-Miss Places Along the Wild Atlantic Way:

There are just too many wonderful places that there is no way to pick a favorite. However, here are a few places to start:

Hidden Gems in the Ancient East:

Just like the Wild Atlantic Way, there are simply too many fantastic places that no matter where go, you simply can't go wrong. However, here are a few places to start your journey:

Handy Tip: follow the brown signs!

Closing remarks:

I'd like to thank Shane Ross again for taking the time to chat with me.
To learn more about tourism in Ireland, visit
You can also find them on your favorite social networks as well at Tourism Ireland.

Feel free to contact Jody with any questions about this podcast at

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