Should You Buy That Great Vacation Package?

So many amazing travel deals coming to an inbox near you! But should you buy one?

Breaking down vacation package tips so you can make the best decision for your trip!

Vacation Package Tips

Amazing travel deals are filling your inbox! But are they the best deal for you? Reviewing a few things to keep in mind about vacation packages as well as tips to help you decide if a package deal is the best vacation for you.

Vacation Package Facts

Vacation packages are usually ‘all inclusive' so you're often getting airfare, accommodations, and transportation, all for one amazing price.

But when you book a package through a company that company becomes your travel agent – and the contact you have to go through to make any changes.

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Check the Terms of Your Vacation Package

  • Check to see what is included in the package- and what is extra.
  • When are the travel dates, and are they flexible.
  • If the dates are flexible how does that change the pricing?
  • How is the vacation package priced? Most are based on 2 people, sharing. If you have a larger group how will you be accommodated (transportation, lodging, etc)? If you are a solo traveler are there extra charges?
  • Be sure to read the terms and conditions! What is the cancellation policy? Might trip insurance be a good idea? (Don't purchase the travel insurance offered with the vacation package without doing your research!)
  • Most importantly- who do you contact if you encounter a problem?

Check The Transportation

  • Where do flights depart? Can that be changed and, if so, how does that affect the cost?
  • Can you get to the departure airport without further significant cost?
  • Also note that many packages do not allow accrual of frequent flyer points and that children do not receive a special fare.
  • Is car rental included? If so be aware that you will have to pay for insurance upon arrival in Ireland. Everything You Need to Know About Car Rental in Ireland
  • If your tour is guided check all information on pick up, drop off, and how you will be transported.

Where is the Accommodation?

  • If the Ireland vacation package has set accommodation, where is it?
  • Check the drive times to your first night's lodging from the airport and your final night's lodging to the airport. That 2 hour drive may not seem like a lot until you realize your flight from Dublin leaves at 9am and you need to arrive 3 hours prior to boarding to clear all the security points.
  • If the vacation package offers B&B stays do your best to check availability for your travel times. Some B&Bs close during the winter months.
  • For packages offering hotel stays check hotel ratings (Trip Advisor is a great resource for this).
  • Also check to see if those great activities (like a Hawk Walk, horseback riding, or 5* dinner) are included in your package or if they will carry an additional charge.

Where Does the Tour Package Go?

  • If the vacation package includes specific accommodation is it near to places you want to visit?
  • If it is guided does it include the places you really want to see?

As you work through these vacation package tips you'll be able to easily see if a specific Ireland tour is right for you.

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