Westport House in County Mayo sits atop one of the castles of Grace O'Malley, Ireland's famous Pirate Queen.
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Westport House and Westport, County Mayo | Traveling in Ireland Podcast Episode 30

Westport House

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Jody is speaking with Biddy from Westport House in Westport, County Mayo. They are talking about Westport House and family activities in and around Westport.

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About Westport:

Westport is a 250-year-old town in western County Mayo. It has been voted the best place to live in Ireland and has won several awards for its presentation and tourism.

The Pirate Queen:

Grace O’Malley was a Pirate Queen who lived 5 centuries ago. She was a contemporary of Elizabeth I and managed to obtain her son's release from prison in England. Her castle is the base on which Westport House was built. The house is full of beautiful artifacts and art from the 1700’s.

Attractions and Events at Westport House:

Local Sites:

3 Places to Visit in Ireland:

Closing remarks:

To find out more, visit Westport House or send an email to Biddy’s attention at marketing(at)westporthouse.ie

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