The Irish Dance Experience in Galway | Traveling in Ireland Podcast Episode 115

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Want to learn an Irish jig during your Ireland vacation? The Irish Dance Experience in Galway is the place to go!

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Riverdance & the Culture of Irish Dance

It's been over 25 years since Riverdance brought Irish dance to the world stage. Siobhan Manson is a former lead dancer with Riverdance and owner of the Irish Dance Experience in Galway.

Siobhan joined Riverdance on the European tour when she was 18 – and, as she says, “it completely changed my life.” During her 10 years with the company, she traveled all over the world – and came up with her idea for the Irish Dance Experience during a Tango class in Argentina.

Irish dance, at its roots, is very much a social activity and a big part of Irish culture. In the 18th century Dance Masters would travel through the country teaching their steps to entire communities.

In the 1900s Conradh na Gaeilge was formed to revitalize the Irish culture and language that was lost under English rule.

Ceili dancing

The Irish Dance Experience in Galway

Because Irish dance is a competitive sport it has been difficult to find teachers that will do a ‘one off' class for tourists. Siobhan has filled that hole in the market with the Irish Dance Experience in Galway.

At the Irish Dance Experience you will learn traditional ceili (kaylee) dancing, sean-nós brush dancing, as well as some of those incredible Riverdance steps!

Book your session at The Irish Dance Experience website or email

Follow on Instagram @irishdanceexperience and Facebook.

Sean-nos brush dance

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3 Things You Shouldn't Miss in Galway

Walk from the Spanish Arch to Salthill and the Blackrock diving tower. Be sure to look back at the Claddagh and the Long Walk.

Take a sea swim (or just a quick dip) at Ladies Beach or Blackrock.

Find a live performance or attend a festival.

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