aerial view of lakes around Castle Hamilton, Cavan, Ireland
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Exploring County Cavan: A Hidden Gem for Outdoor Enthusiasts

Welcome to County Cavan, Ireland's natural playground nestled along the border of the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

In this picturesque region lies Castle Hamilton by the lakes, a serene escape offering a blend of history, adventure, and tranquility.

The lakes surrounding Castle Hamilton

Listen to hosts Alan and Audrey Kells as they unveil the treasures of this hidden gem and the unique experiences it offers to travelers seeking a genuine Irish experience in the podcast below.

Traveling in Ireland Podcast episode 205

County Cavan: Your Natural Playground

County Cavan, often overlooked by travelers, boasts an abundance of natural wonders waiting to be explored. Imagine lush forests teeming with wildlife, enchanting lakes shimmering in the sunlight, and rolling hills adorned with ancient stone formations.

Alan and Audrey describe it as a place where nature's beauty flourishes, where red squirrels dart among the trees, and where visitors can immerse themselves in the tranquility of the countryside.

Cavan Burren

Endless Adventures Await

At Castle Hamilton, adventure awaits at every turn. Whether you're an avid angler seeking the thrill of catching pike and trout in the pristine lakes or a nature enthusiast eager to explore the region's hidden gems, there's something for everyone.

Water sports enthusiasts can indulge in kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding, or leisurely boat trips, while land lovers can embark on scenic hikes through the Killykeen Forest Park or venture to the Cuilcagh Geopark Stairway to Heaven walk for breathtaking views.

Local Culture and Entertainment

Immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of County Cavan with lively music sessions and traditional Irish storytellers who captivate visitors with their talent and charm.

Experience the warmth of Irish hospitality as you join locals in a spirited celebration of music and dance, creating memories that last a lifetime.

Boating in County Cavan

Exploring Beyond County Cavan

Beyond the borders of County Cavan lie even more treasures waiting to be discovered. Venture into the neighboring counties of Fermanagh and Leitrim, where you'll encounter ancient castles, stunning landscapes, and a rich tapestry of history and culture.

Explore the Marble Arch Caves, stroll through the Cavan Burren, or tee off at one of the region's premier golf courses. With each adventure, you'll uncover the essence of Ireland's beauty and charm.

Castle Hamilton Courtyard

Castle Hamilton: A Historic Haven

Nestled in the center of this magnificent area lies Castle Hamilton by the lakes, a 17th-century Ulster plantation offering a glimpse into Ireland's rich heritage.

The estate's restored courtyard cottages, once home to horse-drawn carriages, now provide cozy retreats for guests seeking a blend of history and modern comfort.

Each cottage exudes charm, equipped with self-contained kitchens and inviting living spaces where guests can unwind after a day of exploration.

Castle Hamilton isn't just a destination; it's a place where families come together to create cherished memories. With accommodations catering to groups of all sizes, it's the perfect setting for family reunions, group getaways, or intimate gatherings.

Learn more on the Castle Hamilton website or follow on Facebook and Instagram for trip inspiration.

Clough Oughter Castle

3 Places to Visit in County Cavan

Clough Oughter Castle – a boat trip to the picturesque castle in the lake followed by a picnic is a perfect outing

Killeshandra Loop walk

Marble Arch Caves just across the border in Fermanagh

Come discover the hidden treasures of County Cavan and experience the magic of Ireland's natural playground firsthand.

All images provided by Castle Hamilton by the lakes with permission for use.

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  1. On our recent trip to Ireland and Co. Cavan, we had the wonderful pleasure of meeting Audrey and Alan. These two hosts are the epitome of kindness and Irish hospitality. Castle Hamilton Cavan is beautiful and for history lovers, such as myself, beguiling. I could go on and on, but really your listeners should just book a stay. They will love it, they will.