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Derry Guided Tours | Traveling in Ireland Podcast Episode 116

Planning to visit Derry/ Londonderry? Start here!

Ferryquay Gate, Derry, Northern Ireland. Ireland travel tips | Ireland vacation |
Ferryquay Gate, one of 4 gates in the Derry city walls.
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Visiting Derry in Northern Ireland

Gleann Doherty is a Derry native, raised in the city all through the conflict. He B.A. Honours Degree graduate of Irish History and Politics from the Magee campus University of Ulster.

Derry – or Londonderry?

The city's original Irish name is Doire, which translates to ‘the oak grove'. That was anglicized to Derry.

In 1613 King James I changed the name to Londonderry for the London Guild who financed the building of the city walls.

Locally the city is generally referred to as Derry.

Cannon on the Derry City Wall, Northern Ireland. Ireland travel tips | Ireland vacation |
Cannon sit atop the city wall of Derry, a reminder of the Plantation of Ulster.

The Derry Walls

The Derry Walls are the largest ancient monument in state care in Northern Ireland and have the longest, complete circuit of ramparts of any of the remaining 30 walled towns in Ireland. 

The walls were built during the Plantation of Ulster, a colonization of the province of Ulster by the British to populate the area with British and Scottish Protestants. The walls were the main defensive structure for the plantation of the area.

The Derry walls are massive! You could actually drive a car on top of them in many areas! And the experience of walking above the city is so unique.

Free Derry Wall, the Bogside, Derry city, Northern Ireland. Ireland travel tips | Ireland vacation |
The Free Derry Wall as you enter the Bogside.

Murals in Derry

Derry is a city known for its murals located in an area known as Bogside.

The murals began in the late 70s as a rather fluid political message, often a form of protest in the Catholic Nationalist community.

The murals that people see today were painted from the mid-90s and early 2000s, but were designed to be ‘static' and explain the modern history of Derry.

Mural tour of Bogside with Derry Guided Tours. Ireland travel tips | Ireland vacation |
Mural tour of Bogside with Derry Guided Tours. Photo ©: All Rights Reserved

Derry Guided Tours

Gleann leads tours of the Derry walls, as well as the Bogside for individuals, tour groups, and schools.

Visit Derry Guided Tours website to make a booking enquiry.

Or find Gleann on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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A Guided Tour of Derry

3 Things You Shouldn't Miss in or near Derry

 Doagh Famine Village – history before, during, and after the Great Hunger

The Inishowen Peninsula – The Inishowen 100 is a spectacular ring drive

West Donegal – including the Gaeltacht and Slieve League Cliffs

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Waterloo Street in Derry is known for Traditional Irish Music.

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