Finding the Brightest Colors on a Dreary Day in Ireland

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Vegetable Stand, English Market in Cork, Ireland
Bright, Beautiful Vegetables

On even the grayest day in Ireland you're sure to find a sunny display of colors inside the English Market in Cork.  I took this photo of a vegetable stall in the central court from the Farmgate Cafe above.  Curious about what you might find in an Irish Market?  You'll want to read about our visit to the English Market in Cork.

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Jody Halsted
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  1. I like that idea, too! I get so disappointed when I’m on vacation and the sky is gray and I just know my photographs won’t look great. Next time I just need to go find some color!

    You just gave me a great idea! We have many, many grey days in Seattle. When I’ve had enough od the dreary weather, I will now go out looking for the brightest colors we can find. It’s sure to turn up some exciting adventures. Thanks!

    the English Market is always filled with colour — thanks for this great shot.

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