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Gerard Bourke and County Mayo’s Lost Valley | Traveling in Ireland Podcast Episode 21

The Lost Valley

Jody's guest is Gerard Bourke the 6th generation landowner in Uggool, County Mayo's Lost Valley. He and his family welcome tourists to take a step back into Ireland's past.

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About the Lost Valley:

The Lost Valley is new tour, created a little over a year ago. This tour is very unique because it offers visitors the opportunity to step back in time and see life in Ireland during the mid 1800s.

The Lost Valley is a national heritage-protected area that has been virtually untouched since the Great Irish Famine. As you walk the 2-mile road through this valley, you will see haunting famine cottages, stone walls, and potato ridges empty since the famine.

What made the Bourke family create this tour:

Gerard grew up in the valley. After moving out of the valley for several years, he decided to return to his homeland. When he did, he gained a whole new respect for its unspoiled beauty and rich history.

About the Tour:

The walking tour is along a long 2-mile green-road. People with mobility issues and families with strollers may find this tour difficult. The tour takes about 3 hours to complete.

Our 9 year old daughter enjoyed the tour and we find it suitable for all ages.

What are 3 places in Ireland you shouldn't miss?

  • Louisburgh is the nearest town and worth exploring.
  • Clare Island, in Clew Bay, County Mayo, has a rich history and is terrific for day trips or longer stays.
  • Connemara, the far west of County Galway, is filled with beauty and culture.

Closing remarks:

Jody highly recommends this wonderful and emotionally moving tour. Find out more about the tours to the Lost Valley by clicking here.

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