Gleann Doherty Derry Guided Tours | Traveling in Ireland Podcast Episode 24

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Derry Guided Tours

Jody's guest is Gleann Doherty, owner and guide of Derry Guided Tours. They will be discussing the 1500 years of Irish history which makes Derry so captivating.

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Northern Ireland: Derry with Gleann Dogherty:

  • City Wall
    • The Derry city wall is the only city wall in Ireland still to completely encompass the city.

    • The Bogside
    • 1500 Years of History
      • Covering hundreds of years in Derry
        The Derry Guided Tour starts at ca. A.D. 546 with Saint Columkille (St. Columb Crag of Enagh), attributed with bringing Christianity into Britian and Europe. Saint Columnkille established a monastery on the hill of Diore in the 6th century.

        The tour continues while walking on the city wall, describing why the wall was built as it was, why it looks a certain way, why it was built in the 17th century during the Plantation of Ulster, the Siege of Derry in 1689, all to the Petition of Ireland in the 1920’s, the establishment of Northern and Southern Ireland, and the 70 years of civil rights strife that followed, including the American Connections.

Is it Safe to Travel to Northern Ireland and Derry?

  • Yes, you can drive your rental car into Northern Ireland
    It wasn’t long ago that you couldn’t drive your rental car into Northern Ireland. Although the process of peace achieved a level of success – and continues to be a process – the memories of the strife are still in people’s minds.

  • So What About All the Good Stuff?
    When in the media, Northern Ireland was usually portrayed for all the negative activity, and not all the positive events and activities that continue to go on. Derry was the City of Culture in 2013. Each year since 2013 the Fleadh Cheoil music competition is held for all musicians across the globe.

  • A Wonderful City
    A definite stop along the Causeway, Derry has a small town feel where people are friendly, where you are acknowledged with a smile and a ‘Yes!”, and everyone seems to be connected in some way going back to the tradition of the clans and the strong family connections between them.

What You Call the City Tells a Lot:

‘Derry’ or ‘Londonderry’?
Depending on your loyalties, you may use one name or another. When the city wall was built, English businessmen were strong-armed during the reign of James I into financing the build, and from that the city was renamed Londonderry. No one knows exactly who or what organization changed the name.

Also Offered- Tours Outside the City of Derry:

  • Giant’s Causeway
  • West Donegal

3 Ireland Treasures You Can’t Miss:

Closing remarks:

For more, visit Derry Guided Tours. You can also book your tour here or email:
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