A Tasty Trip into County Down at Tracey’s Farmhouse Kitchen | Traveling in Ireland Episode Podcast 101

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Do you ‘knead' a taste of Ireland right now? Today's guest has an Irish bread making experience you can try in your own home – or in her thatch cottage in the North of Ireland.

Today's podcast is brought to you by Squiring Through the North, my small group tour in the North of Ireland.

Irish mythology and modern tragedy… The warmth of whiskey and the cool spray of the North Atlantic… And the opportunity to get hands-on with Irish traditions passed down through the years…

From Belfast to Bushmills and on to Derry, this tour leads our group of Squires through the legends, history, and marvels of ‘the North'.

Irish Baking Experience at Tracey's Farmhouse Kitchen

Meet My Guest: Tracey Jeffery

Tracey welcomes you into her home kitchen – admittedly not the tidiest or fanciest – but one that is lived in and loved. Her thatch cottage is located on the shores of Strangford Lough, just 30 minutes from Belfast, in County Down.

Highlights of County Down

An area of Outstanding Natural Beauty

Strangford Lough is the largest inlet of water in the British Isles. As a protected body of water there is a large amount of wildlife. It has over 300 tiny islands and is a perfect place for kayaking and an island picnic.

County Down is known for its ‘drumlins', small, low, rounded hills that resemble a basket of eggs.

The Mourne Mountains in the south of the county are mystical, magical, and beautiful.

County Down is an unspoilt area, and definitely the ‘road less traveled'.

Bread Making Experiences – and more – With Tracey's Farmhouse Kitchen

Tracey welcomes you into her home for a traditional breadmaking experience – with tea and plenty of her home baked treats!

The ‘Canoe & Cake' experience lets you enjoy the peaceful beauty of the lough before returning to her home for delicious treats.

Tracey Also Offers

Northern Ireland Food Tours
Afternoon Tea
Video courses
Video tutorials on her YouTube channel

Visit or Contact Tracey's Farmhouse Kitchen

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3 Places to Add to Your Ireland Itinerary

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Scrabo Tower
Strangford Village – ferry to Portaferry, Castle Ward (GoT), shops, restaurants
Mourne Mountains – 12 peaks, CS Lewis, mystical, not overcrowded

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