Podcast: Irish Food with Jonathan Keane, the Executive Head Chef at The Lodge at Ashford Castle, aka the best Chef in Connaught.

Irish Food with Jonathan Keane, Executive Head Chef at The Lodge at Ashford Castle | Traveling in Ireland Podcast Episode 34

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The Lodge at Ashford Castle

Jody is speaking with Jonathan Keane, the Executive Head Chef at The Lodge at Ashford Castle. Enjoy this chat about Irish food with the Best Chef in Connaught.

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About Jonathan Keane:

Jonathan Keane is the Executive Head Chef at The Lodge at Ashford Castle. He has also earned to title of “Best Chef in Connaught” in 2017 by the Irish Restaurant Association and the Good Eating Guide. Also, Wilde's at The Lodge has also won Best Hotel Restaurant in Connaught and Best Fine Dining. He is a big supporter of the Cong Food Village, an initiative to celebrate all Cong has to offer as a Top Food Destination.

Where does Jonathan get his ingredients?

Jonathan has quite an impressive garden on the Ashford Castle grounds. Most of the ingredients come fresh from here. If other vendors are used, Jonathan goes out of his way to make sure that the farms are ethical in their treatment of livestock. He also does his best to buy locally.

Services offered by the restaurant:

Friendly services his restaurant provides:

  • If you go fishing, they will is prepare, cook and serve you whatever you catch.
  • They will take guests and visitors to Ashford out to forge for ingredients for their meals. The goal of offering this, is to teach people what you can cook with and safety. They also hope to inspire people to garden and seek out local and good food.

3 places to get great food in Ireland:

Closing remarks:

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